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Archaeology Race Info

Game Version: 7.3.0
Total Downloads: 666
Updated: Sep 4, 2017
Created: Sep 4, 2017
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For Developers

Archaeology Race Info (ARI) is intended for AddOn developers who wish to test, verify, and document Blizzard Archaeology APIs. Is not intended for general use.

Why Use It?

AddOn developers can use the /dump command or browse the UI code via the console or online extractions thereof. This was created to easily see the return values in a format that is saved. Thus it does exactly that: saves its data in the game's SavedVariables folder.


What It Does

Cross-references GetArchaeologyRaceInfo() and GetArchaeologyRaceInfoByID() and spits out the return values in your saved variables. There is a lot of duplication, and the former intentionally goes out of bounds from GetNumArchaeologyRaces() but that is the whole point.

What It Doesn't

There are no slash commands (add some if you add something useful), no Interface/AddOns panel, no keybinds, nothing to see except what is in the saved variables. Therefore there are no images to see.

The Data

If an expected result is not there, it is because the Blizzard return value is nil. There is no "or X" catch in the code because that would provide false data in the saved variables. You should only see numbers or strings.


ARI is MIT License; further, I give permission to upload modified versions to the repository so long as you upload to the \trunk and do not \branch except for your own use as per the MIT License. In other words, if you find something useful that can be added or changed and the usefulness extends to the developer community, go for it!


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