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wow addon ClearCommunication


Game Version: 5.4.0
Total Downloads: 101
Updated: Sep 27, 2013
Created: Sep 27, 2013
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This addon is based on the idea of SaySapped.
I thought the addon was great but I wanted more, so I created my own.

ClearCommunication (CC), Will tell you in what CC state you are.
The addon is intented to work for main CC's with a long cooldown only, such as:
Sapped, Hexed, Feared, Blinded, Polymorphed, etc..
It will report your CC state in the default chat /say , this can be very useful for Arena but can also be used for Battlegrounds and Dungeons.

The addon works as intended but is not marked as "finished" I will add more customization later.


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