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Crossover Achievements

Game Version: 9.2.7 +1
Total Downloads: 429
Updated: Sep 25, 2022
Created: Sep 12, 2022
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Crossover Achievements is an addon that combines achievement data from both Retail and WOTLK to share achievements between both versions and also combine achievements data from WOTLK characters to have Account Achievements in Classic.


There is an achievement you already completed in Retail during WOTLK and later, but you only care to do those things you never did? With this addon, those things will be flagged as completed so you can focus on the achievement you never did

Do you want that achievement flagged as complete back in Retail after doing it in WOTLK? With this addon, you can.

How does this addon work?

For this addon to work, you must install it in your Retail Client and WOTLK Client. The addon consists of three parts, the main addon that process all Achievements data and two addons to export and import data between versions. The export addon will generate a Lua file in your game WTF folder that you need to copy to your WTF in the other version manually. After doing that, the Import addon will read that Lua file and combine achievements data from both versions.

The addon also contains a replacement of Blizzard’s Achievements UI modified to show as completed an achievement if any character in your account has completed it.

It combines both WOTLK and Retail using Import/Export data, regardless of whether Blizzard officially recognizes those achievements as complete or not.

So, this addon shows fake achievements?

Not exactly. This addon shows achievements unrecognized by Blizzard, but those are not fake. Achievements are not a thing compared with other in-game items like mounts, pets, transmogs, or toys. An achievement is just information about an action that you did in-game, and it is no other than a checklist of things to do. So, because it is just information about what you did, I can import and export it to show your achievements across versions.


In Blizzard’s UI you only see your current character achievements in Classic and all your account achievements in Retail. But even without having account achievements in Classic nor shared achievements between Retail and Classic such information could be calculated based on the information that currently Blizzard provides. If there were crossover achievements between versions you would see the achievements this addon calculates.


This addon only shows an achievement as completed if it has been flagged by Blizzard as completed in any version, which means the information about the achievement that shows the addon is not false. You have already done that, but not in the version Blizzard recognizes when you are playing. This addon is not capable of falsely flagging an achievement that hasn’t been completed in any version, nor can it change the date on which you completed the achievement.

But my character has not completed those achievements.

That’s true. But that is also a misconception about account achievements. An account achievement does not mean that your character did all things flagged in the UI. An account achievement implies that you did that while playing the game, not necessarily with the character you are playing. 

In fact, the Retail official UI already shows in the achievement info if you have completed it with your current character or not, and this addon includes that functionally backported to Classic.

So, no, your character hasn’t done those things. You, the player, did it. This addon will show in Classic both the information about the player’s and characters’ achievements.

It is not the same doing a WOTLK Achievement now in Classic that in Retail.

Sure, it is not. Some are harder in WOTLK. But that is why achievements have the date on which you accomplished them. Just because it is not the same difficulty does not means you haven’t completed it. 

For this purpose, I have plans to implement in the future an option to only load in WOTLK Classic achievements earned with dates of the original WOTLK, so if you did it in WOTLK, it would show as completed, but if you did it in Cataclysm or later it won’t, so you can try to achieve those things now in WOTLK Classic instead of soloing in Retail. 

I will add another option to do the same based on the current WOTLK Classic phase. So before Ulduar is released, only achievements completed in Retail before the original launch of Ulduar will be flagged as completed. With this option, you can try to complete it with Naxxramax gear instead of waiting for better equipment. Both of these actions could be enabled or disabled by the player.

I still don’t want to see in my character my other characters’ achievements

Then you are free not to use this addon because WOTLK Classic works like that by default. And in case you play Retail, I have plans in the future to allow disabling account achievements so that in Retail, you only see your current character’s achievements, like in WOTLK.

I don’t care about Retail achievements, but I like the idea of having account achievements between WOTLK characters only.

You can do that with this addon. If you install the addon and do not transfer any data from Retail because you don’t play Retail or won’t install the addon in Retail, the addon will show only achievements from your WOTLK characters in your UI. 

In the future, there will be an option in the addon to disable retail achievements in WOTLK, to only have WOTLK account achievements even if you have already transferred data.

Can you explain in detail how to transfer data between versions?

Sure, to transfer achievements data between Retail and WOTLK Classic, first, you need to log into Retail. To have all the information, you need to log into any character that has completed an achievement.

Once you do that you will have a file called “CrossoverAchievements – Retail.lua” with all your characters’ achievements data in the folder “_retail_\WTF\Account\AccountId\SavedVariables” of your WOW Folder. AccountId is a name that identifies your WOW account; every player has a different value. 

Copy that file to the folder “_classic_\WTF\Account\AccountId\SavedVariables” without renaming it, overwriting the file if already exists. 

Then, open WOTLK Classic, and the addon will load that file to combine Retail and WOTLK Information.

The transfer between WOTLK Classic and Retail is the same, but you need to copy the file “CrossoverAchievements – WOTLK.lua” from the Classic folder into the Retail folder.

To simplify the process, I have included with the addon a CMD file (TransferData.cmd) that will copy the Lua files for you. You only need to execute the CMD, which will copy both Lua files, transferring both Classic to Retail and Retail to Classic simultaneously. 

If you are using Mac, this option won’t work for you, and you will need to copy the files manually.

What about achievements’ rewards?

I can’t modify the game to grant you achievements’ rewards like mounts, pets, or titles. Unlike the achievements, those are in-game items and not information.
To unlock the reward, you must complete an achievement in your Retail account for Retail characters or in any character for the WOTLK account. I can’t grant rewards for WOTLK Account achievements or Crossover Achievements.

What about meta achievements?

For now, you need to complete meta-achievements the official way to unlock them. So, a meta-achievement only be unlocked if you complete it on your Retail account or in a single WOTLK character. In the future, I will calculate how to show completed meta-achievements if you completed the required achievements across multiple characters from all versions.




Calculate account achievements in Classic based on characters’ achievements

– Export Classic achievements data to be Imported into Retail

– Export Retail achievements data to be Imported into Classic

– Calculate crossover achievements by mixing Classic and Retail data



– Translate faction exclusive achievements to the opposite faction (Retail already has this feature in Blizzard’s UI)

– Show in every achievement which character has completed it, to differentiate achievements earned by the current character or others (Retail already has this feature in Blizzard’s UI)

– Generate achievements links using the completion date from other characters if the current character hasn’t completed the achievement (It is not possible to implement this feature in Retail)



– Option to import only achievements data from Retail with achieved date from original WOTLK before the launch of Cataclysm. It will be another option to choose if achievements earned during Cataclysm pre-patch should be included or not.

– Option to import only achievements data from Retail with achieved date from original WOTLK during equivalent patch as current Classic Phase (Right now it will be achievements earned before Patch 3.1 Ulduar)

– Option to not import achievements not yet released in Classic, regardless of when it was achieved (Including future Classic phases but also promotions not released in Classic and RFD achievements)

– Option to hide achievements and categories from achievements not yet released in Classic, including incomplete ones, to simulate the achievements list from original patches. With this option, you won’t see any Ulduar, TOC or ICC achievement. Ulduar achievement will appear the day Ulduar is released into Classic and so on. It will be extended to any achievement from future phases, not just raids.

– Option to hide account achievements both in Classic and Retail to show only achievements completed by current character, replicating in Retail achievement system from Classic without account sharing

– Option to hide information about characters’ achievements for those who only want to see information about their account and don’t care about what character obtained it.

– Option to disable achievements imported from other versions in case someone wants to have account achievements in Classic without crossover achievements after having imported retail achievements.

– Restore removed achievements in Retail like The Keymaster, it will be required to complete those achievements in Classic first.

– Add to Retail achievements exclusive from Classic, like Season of Mastery and TBC Arena achievements.

– Add to Classic achievements for obtaining Benediction and Rhok’delar that were retroactively added in Legion during Retail but they are granted based on actions perform between Vanilla and WOTLK, with the option to export them to Retail.

– Grant meta achievements if all criteria are completed mixing Retail and Classic characters.

– Option to show in achievements UI in which expansion the achievement was obtained, both Classic and Retail expansion

– Option to hide notifications of achievement completed with a character that has been already completed by another character



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