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Game Version: 8.0.1
Total Downloads: 116
Updated: Oct 9, 2018
Created: Oct 8, 2018
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Trackster is an AddOn, which tracks fun new stats and displays them alongside some blizzard vanilla stats.

I've created this for my leveling timelapse because i thought it would be fun seeing some random stats about the character on the way.


Currently tracked stats:

Boss count

Cast count

Crit count

Login count

Items collected count

Chat messages sent count

Jump count


Blizzard stats that are displayed aswell:

Kill count

Death count

Time played

Quest count

Item level (equipped)

Total damage dealt

Gold total


You can set offsets to each individual stat aswell. Except for gold total because of reasons…

*looks at blizzard >.>*

Of course item level doesn't has an offset aswell because why would it…

The frame is scaleable and obviously it continues tracking stats even when the frame is closed.


If you want some new stats to be tracked account-wide just change them in the .toc file from 

## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: to ## SavedVariables:


I hope you'll have as much fun using the AddOn, as i had making it!

Best Regards, -Allpi


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