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Custom Item Notes

Game Version: 10.0.5 +2
Total Downloads: 368
Updated: Jan 25, 2023
Created: Jan 19, 2023
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
R1.01 release 5.44 KB Jan 25, 2023 10.0.5 +2 281 download Custom Item Notes R1.01 releaseDownload
R1.0 release 5.44 KB Jan 19, 2023 3.4.1 +2 87 download Custom Item Notes R1.0 releaseDownload



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Set an unlimited number of Notes to any item in-game. These notes will appear in your tooltip over the items.

Key Points:

You must mouseover the item to add or remove notes.

Your character limit is set to 255 per note. The added notes will wrap if sufficiently large.

Each item has an UNLIMITED number of notes that can be set.

The notes are saved account wide. It seems like notes would be useful account wide rather than per toon, but let me know otherwise.


“|x” is representative of any number and is if you wish to insert/delete a note at a custom note position (|3 for Note3). Otherwise, it will add to the bottom, or delete from bottom first. The “|” bar must be used at end of slash command to specify.

/cin [Insert Custom Note Here]

/cin add [Insert Custom Note Here] |x

/cin edit [Insert New Note Here] |x

/cin del |x

/cin clearall

Again, note, the |x position is optional and the default will just add or remove from the bottom.



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