WoW DBM-LegendaryDummy addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon DBM-LegendaryDummy


Game Version: 7.0.3
Total Downloads: 36,931
Updated: Sep 9, 2016
Created: Sep 25, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v2.0-release release 2.72 KB Sep 9, 2016 7.0.3 23,518 download DBM-LegendaryDummy v2.0-release releaseDownload
v1.3-release release 2.72 KB Mar 5, 2016 6.2.3 8,665 download DBM-LegendaryDummy v1.3-release releaseDownload
v1.2-release release 2.38 KB Sep 26, 2015 6.2.2 4,253 download DBM-LegendaryDummy v1.2-release releaseDownload
v1.1-release release 2.19 KB Sep 26, 2015 6.2.2 86 download DBM-LegendaryDummy v1.1-release releaseDownload
v1.0-release release 1.92 KB Sep 25, 2015 6.2.2 251 download DBM-LegendaryDummy v1.0-release releaseDownload
r7 alpha 2.32 KB Sep 26, 2015 6.2.2 47 download DBM-LegendaryDummy r7 alphaDownload
r6 alpha 2.29 KB Sep 26, 2015 6.2.2 25 download DBM-LegendaryDummy r6 alphaDownload
r4 alpha 2.12 KB Sep 25, 2015 6.2.2 53 download DBM-LegendaryDummy r4 alphaDownload
r2 alpha 1.86 KB Sep 25, 2015 6.2.2 33 download DBM-LegendaryDummy r2 alphaDownload



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Display a warning message on pull (/dbm pull) if you forgot to equip your legendary ring (or if you equipped the wrong one according to your selected role). Obviously dependent on DBM, hence the name of the add-on. [Disabled for level >= 110]


Only works when you are grouped

Warning Sound

Introduced in 1.3, the ability to play a warning sound when the warning message is shown.
The warning sound played is the one configured in DBM in the "Special Warnings" section. If you disabled the warning sound in the "Special warnings" section, no sound will be played by DBM-LegendaryDummy either.

Warning sound in DBM

Slash Commands

/dbm legendarydummy warning on
enables the warning sound
/dbm legendarydummy warning off
disables the warning sound
/dbm legendarydummy playsound
plays the configured warning sound (regardless if enabled or disabled by the above slash commands; however if no sound is configured in DBM, no sound will be played)
/dbm help
Also shows the above slash commands


Update for Legion
Disable the warning message on pull when level >= 110
Add warning sound when warning message is shown.
Show the actual itemlink off your legendary ring, taken upgrades into account (instead of the default 735 ring)
Also show warning message when equipped legendary ring does not match the ring for the chosen role.
Show warning message when you own a legendary ring but don't have it equipped.


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