WoW DKEmoter addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon DKEmoter


Game Version: 3.2.0
Total Downloads: 1,682
Updated: Sep 5, 2009
Created: Jul 28, 2009
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
DKEmoter v1.5 release 1.55 KB Sep 5, 2009 3.2.0 1,153 download DKEmoter DKEmoter v1.5 releaseDownload
DKEmoter 1.4 release 1.44 KB Aug 5, 2009 3.2.0 288 download DKEmoter DKEmoter 1.4 releaseDownload
DKEmoter Version 1.3 release 1.44 KB Jul 31, 2009 3.2.0 127 download DKEmoter DKEmoter Version 1.3 releaseDownload
DKEmoter Version 1.1 release 1.44 KB Jul 29, 2009 3.2.0 131 download DKEmoter DKEmoter Version 1.1 releaseDownload


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Created purely as an outlet for severe arena-related frustration, this addon automates emoting whenever a Death Knight you are fighting casts Icebound Fortitude or Death Grips you. By default the emotes are /glare when Death Gripped, and /sigh when they cast Icebound Fortitude.

/dke rage – Toggles the emotes to slightly ruder (Blizzard approved) ingame emotes. All in the name of RP though.
/dke off – Temporarily turns off the addon.
/dke on – Turns the addon back on.

Inspired by a wonderful few lines of guildchat from a hunter who is as fond of DKs as I am.


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