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Game Version: 4.0.3a
Total Downloads: 7,529
Updated: Dec 13, 2010
Created: Oct 31, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.5 release 47.29 KB Dec 13, 2010 4.0.3a 2,431 download DomDomMenu v1.5 releaseDownload
DomDomMenu-v1.4beta beta 48.39 KB Nov 8, 2008 3.0.3 4,258 download DomDomMenu DomDomMenu-v1.4beta betaDownload
DomDomMenu-v1.3beta beta 44.95 KB Nov 2, 2008 3.0.2 334 download DomDomMenu DomDomMenu-v1.3beta betaDownload
DomDomMenu-v1.2beta beta 27.68 KB Nov 1, 2008 3.0.2 231 download DomDomMenu DomDomMenu-v1.2beta betaDownload
DomDomMenu v1.0beta beta 73.34 KB Oct 31, 2008 3.0.2 275 download DomDomMenu DomDomMenu v1.0beta betaDownload



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A simple, yet powerful gui for DomDom (The most insane WoW sound mod available!) If you’re installing DomDom or have have installed it, be sure to try this mod.


/ddm or /ddmenu or /domdommenu
Display the main window.

Use the search box to look for audio files
Use /dds [searchterm] from your console to open DomDomMenu automatically with the searchresults

Click the letters to send the audio message to the corresponding channel
G – Guild
P – Party
B – Battleground
T – Whisper target
R – Raid

You can resize the window by clicking the resize thingy in the bottomright.
And you can also scale the window by using your mousewheel on the frame title.

Of course in order to play the audio files the other users also need to have DomDom installed.

NOTE: This is my first addon ever, so if any developers have tips or improvements pls post them in the comments. Thanks!

Shouts to everyone @ Steel Alliance-Twisting Nether-EU


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