WoW Easy Unit Text: Class Colors addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Easy Unit Text: Class Colors

Easy Unit Text: Class Colors

Game Version: 6.2.2
Total Downloads: 1,385
Updated: Apr 5, 2016
Created: Mar 19, 2016
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This is a simple lua code that I setup for Blizzard's default unit frames that will change the text style and GameFontNormalSmall but you can remove that from the lua if you only want the unit frames. It's on bar 10. I also added Color Class with Color Change Yellow, Red to the target mana bar text.

( Except for priests. It's mana blue instead of white )

And the Health Text has Green, Yellow, Red. I recommend adding a small dark background to the text frames with kgPanels. You'll be able to read the text better.
Much Thanks goes to the help from Gello and Genkidama for the code so much props goes to them. If you use Move Anything Add-On and the text for the target doesn't seem to change along with the targets health. What you need to do is /mafe TargetFrameTextureFrameHealthBarTextLeft And check on Artwork. And That's it! Do the same for the right health text and also for the mana bar text. Just change the name after Frame for the /mafe.
And if your wondering there is a way to hide the blizzard default unit frames with Move Anything. It's /mafe TargetFrameTextureFrame and it's the same for player just replace Target with Player.

If you use FrameStack you can get all the name of the frames. /mafe (Name) will add a custom frame to move anything for that frame name that wont show in the Move Anything Category. And the custom frames are stored on the very bottom of the Category in case you need to get back to them. It also works for kgPanels. But Anytime you add or delete a kgPanel frame the number changes with it. Lets say I had kgPanel16 in move anything. And I made a new kgPanel frame. Then kgPanel16 would be kgPanel17 and I would have to change it in move anything cause move anything won't know the difference.
Same thing if you delete a kgPanel. Then kgPanel16 would be kgPanel15 and so on and so on.


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