WoW EasyFlight addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon EasyFlight


Game Version: 10.0.5
Total Downloads: 326
Updated: Feb 22, 2023
Created: Feb 18, 2023
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
0.2.4r3 release 2.42 KB Feb 22, 2023 10.0.5 146 download EasyFlight 0.2.4r3 releaseDownload
0.2.4 release 2.46 KB Feb 22, 2023 10.0.5 3 download EasyFlight 0.2.4 releaseDownload
0.2.3r3 release 2.43 KB Feb 21, 2023 10.0.5 76 download EasyFlight 0.2.3r3 releaseDownload
0.2.3r2 release 2.42 KB Feb 21, 2023 10.0.5 9 download EasyFlight 0.2.3r2 releaseDownload
Release-0.2.3 release 2.51 KB Feb 21, 2023 10.0.5 3 download EasyFlight Release-0.2.3 releaseDownload
Easyflight v0.2.2 release 2.74 KB Feb 20, 2023 10.0.5 18 download EasyFlight Easyflight v0.2.2 releaseDownload
EasyFlight 0.2.1 release 2.64 KB Feb 19, 2023 10.0.5 33 download EasyFlight EasyFlight 0.2.1 releaseDownload
EasyFlight_0.2 release 2.36 KB Feb 19, 2023 10.0.5 23 download EasyFlight EasyFlight_0.2 releaseDownload
EasyFlight_0.1 beta 1.84 KB Feb 18, 2023 10.0.5 7 download EasyFlight EasyFlight_0.1 betaDownload


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After playing a Dracthyr for a long time, i got very used to being able to spread my wings and fly when doing a double jump. Switching to a druid made me wonder, why can’t they do it?

So I spun up my code editor, taught myself how to lua and made druids be able to do just that!

This makes druid switch into travel form when double tapping space bar, or when just pressing space while falling.

This is a very early version, that i hacked together in a few hours, so expect some funky behaviour and tasty bugs.

It is also my very first attempt at making an addon, so any feedback is much appreciated


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