WoW Energetic Recovery Ticker addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Energetic Recovery Ticker

Energetic Recovery Ticker

Game Version: 5.3.0
Total Downloads: 279
Updated: Jul 8, 2013
Created: Jul 8, 2013
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Earlier Versions

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Energetic Recovery Ticker v0.1 beta 2.24 KB Jul 8, 2013 5.3.0 279 download Energetic Recovery Ticker Energetic Recovery Ticker v0.1 betaDownload


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This is an addon developed from Hildegard's energetic recovery video on youtube – Subtlety rogues need to sync their GCD with the energy ticks from energetic recovery – this addon displays a pusling bar (and optionally plays a soundfile) that is synced to the energy ticks, allowing you to open on your target just the energy ticks.

This is work in progress but is in a usable state, it currently needs the following;<br/>
Slashcommands – need to be able to enable/disable the sound prompt, change the soundfile used and the conditions controlling the timers (combat/stealthed etc)<br/>
Status checks – stealthing while SnD is already up does not start the timers. Need to work out how to do this, if you're energy capped there are no combat log entries for the ticks so we need to keep track of when SnD starts even when in combat.<br/>
Use SpellIDs rather than SpellNames for multilingual support.


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