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Gathering Gloves

Game Version: 7.2.5 +1
Total Downloads: 4,894
Updated: Jul 23, 2017
Created: Jul 23, 2017
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You can now have 3 sets of gloves. 1 for everyday combat. 1 with an herbalism enchant. 1 with a mining enchant. THis addon will auto-swap to the gloves with the correct enchant for gathering.


In game commands:

/ggtoggle  -  Toggles the addon so it won't auto swap.

/ggcombat  -  Sets your currently equipped gloves as the combat gloves

/ggmine  -  Sets your currently equipped gloves as the mining gloves

/ggherb  -  Sets your currently equipped gloves as the herbalism gloves.


(What this means is that you equip the mining gloves, and type /ggmine and they become the mining gloves. Then equip herbalism gloves and type /ggherb, and then equip the gloves that you use normally for combat stuff and type /ggcombat to set them as the gloves you wear when you aren't mining or herbing)


 PLEASE NOTE: This addon requires you to get named gloves. (IE Gorepetal's Gentle Grasp) It does NOT work with random greens. However, you can get any named pair of gloves from the ah, or from rares, and use them with the mining and herbalism enchantment.


ALSO: It starts toggled off. So you have to type /ggtoggle in order to turn it on. =-b


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