WoW Genie addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
wow addon Genie


Game Version: 10.0.5 +3
Total Downloads: 374,295
Updated: Feb 4, 2023
Created: Oct 29, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
10.0.5 +1 More release 256.52 KB Feb 4, 2023 10.0.5 +3 987 download Genie 10.0.5
+1 More releaseDownload +1 More release 256.98 KB Dec 25, 2022 10.0.2 +3 1,189 download Genie
+1 More releaseDownload
r402-alpha +1 More alpha 256.21 KB Jan 28, 2023 10.0.5 +3 27 download Genie r402-alpha
+1 More alphaDownload



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Genie is a full bag, bank and guildbank sorting addon with the following features:

  • Changable sorting order
  • Ignorable items
  • Automatic action (here’s where the genie comes in 😉 )
  • Item stacking
  • Profession items will be moved to their specialized bags



/genie work

If you are lazy and want Genie to work on your bags automatically (on given events) simply type

/genie auto

and enjoy 🙂

If you want to customize the way Genie works, then have a look at the documentation

How to help

  • Rate this addon.
  • Become a developer. Simply contact me if you want to help.
  • Localize. Genie should work out of the box in all clients, but wouldn’t it be great if Genie could also talk to everyone?
  • Request cool features

How to report bugs

  1. Reproduce it! If it happened only once, then there is nothing i can do.
  2. Download the latest alpha from (you can also use the client), maybe it has already been fixed
  3. Search within existing issues
  4. Still no solution? Create a bugreport
  5. Revisit your bugreport, maybe i have some additional questions
  6. The bug has been fixed? Cool, tell me about in your ticket, so that others see it’s been fixed


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