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GridLayoutByRole is a Grid layout plugin that groups members into raid roles as tanks, melee DPS, healers, and ranged DPS. This layout is useful for certain types of healing spells that affect other players near the player on which the heal is cast, e.g, Chain Heal, Power Word: Radiance, Wild Growth, etc.


  • Adds a new layout By Raid Role to the Grid Layout tab.
  • Roles are determined automatically based on a unit's class and specialization.
  • The roster is sorted into four role groups from left to right: tanks, melee DPS, healers, and ranged DPS.
  • Each of the groups can be assigned to any of the four roles.
  • Certain healing classes can be optionally sorted with the melee DPS role group.
  • Optionally allow Blizzard-assigned roles to take precedence over the specialization roles.


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