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Game Version: 10.0.5
Total Downloads: 52
Updated: Jan 24, 2023
Created: Nov 19, 2022
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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 8.97 KB Jan 24, 2023 10.0.5 16 download HideZzz releaseDownload release 8.97 KB Nov 19, 2022 10.0.2 36 download HideZzz releaseDownload


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Allows changing the opacity (transparent %) of the “Zzz” animation appearing on the player’s portrait while in rest areas.  (Only the Zzz’s are affected.  The glowing circle around the portrait still displays normally.)



The options window can be opened from the standard addons window, or by typing /HideZzz or /zzz. Settings are saved for all your WoW characters, so you only need to set this once from any character.


Opacity %: Controls how intense the effect is. 100% is brightest, while 0% is completely hidden.



Note: A list of available slash commands can be seen by typing /zzz help.




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