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Game Version: 10.0.5
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Updated: Jan 25, 2023
Created: Jan 5, 2023
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Heart of Redemption Contribution Points

Heart of Redemtion is currently using Version 11 of the Contribution Points loot system. For the most up to date and complete information, please refer to the official docs.

What This Add-on Does

This addon helps the user easily manage their weekly contribution points and rolls. When the weekly CP list is released, just type /horcp set # to set your CP modifier for the week. When it comes time to roll on loot, simply use /horcp roll and your CP modifier will automatically be applied to your roll. This works for any type of CP based roll.

Contribution Points Overview

Contribution Points : Contribution Points, or “CP,” refers to the points in HoR’s
loot-system. Like many solid, long-term, flexible systems, the CP system has a lot of
thought and design behind it, but it was built and rolled out to be simple to implement
and use once understood. We used the name contribution points due to the system
allowing for points to be earned in a variety of ways besides just strict raid attendance or
boss-kills. In a way, your CP shows your overall ‘contribution’ to HoR’s raiding goals
over time. CP points are cumulative, so they build up over the course of time you
participate in raiding. This means that CP points are not spent when you win loot. The
longer and more consistently you raid with HoR, the more CP you will have. Due to
this, we place a cap on CP points which alleviates inflation that plagues other systems.

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