WoW Xck MasterLoot Advanced addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Xck MasterLoot Advanced

Xck MasterLoot Advanced

Game Version: 1.13.3
Total Downloads: 279
Updated: Jan 6, 2020
Created: Dec 17, 2019
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Xckbucl Advanced MasterLoot



Easy way to assign loot as ML



A new Addon imported from TBC/WOTLK & fully redesigned & optimized.



This Addon isnt compatible with AddOns changing UI of Default LootFrame like Skinning of ElvUI, Xloot…

You need to be the ML & be in Raid, not working in Party for now. Get Promoted Assist to announce loots.


Command in game Available :

/xckmla Rand

This will make a Raid Random Player, like when you want give a Onyxia bag to random Guy

/xckmla info

This will show you infos about addon


Main Funcs of this Addon :


2 Methode available -> +1 Need(MS) / +2 Greed(OS) & Roll


All is configurable


You can set a Disenchanter, a Banker, a guy for all Raids items like Idols, Coins, Elementium, Lavacore etc

You Can set AutoLoot for Trash & Raids item guys, addon will attrib auto on openning the LootFrame is "AL" is Checked in Settings.

You can Change the quality of items displayed on Attrib List too, Uncommon to Legendary.

If you want to switch an item you just need to click on It on Attrib Window.


Buttons on the LootFrame:

  • Settings on top right is for Settings the Addon.
  • the Beer Icon is for announce all Drop on Corpse.
  • the "Loot" button is for loot ALL ITEMS on corpse when you double click.

Buttons on Attrib Window:

  • Need Dice is for Announce & strat Rand/Need on this Item.
  • Circle Arrow is for Countdown 5sc.
  • Greed Dice is for Random a player in the current Raid.
  • Pass Dice is for Reset the need/random list in case you need to do that. 
  • PlayerList you can select the winning Player & click on Attrib Loot for give it to him.
  • Broken sword is for give loot to the Disenchanter Player Set.
  • Bag is for give loot to the Banker Player Set.
  • Addon Detect Auto when player rolled or +1/+2 After announce of Item.


Available Language : French & English Client supported for now


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