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IfThen (Redux)

Game Version: 8.1.0
Total Downloads: 244
Updated: Mar 7, 2019
Created: Sep 14, 2018
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Earlier Versions

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8.1.0 release 228.50 KB Mar 7, 2019 8.1.0 175 download IfThen (Redux) 8.1.0 releaseDownload
v8.0 release 228.34 KB Oct 11, 2018 8.0.1 68 download IfThen (Redux) v8.0 releaseDownload



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Allows you to create your own IF THEN statements that will dynamically change the function of a button.

This addon is intended for people that have a basic understanding of programming. Specifically conditional If-Then statements.

The addon allows you to write your own if-then statements that will be evaluated and run whenever you press a button, or they can trigger on certain events ingame.
It provides a simple text editor, a fully documented API and some simple If-Then syntax so that you can string together almost anything you want to react to.


IF HasOpenQuest("My daily fishing quest") AND InZone("Stormwind") 
THEN Cast("Fishing");
OnEvent("GroupInvite") AND InLFGQueue() 
THEN DeclineInvite() AND Reply("Sorry, I am already in the LFG queue");

Look at the FAQ page for the most asked questions, and the Examples page for examples.

Please post bugreports and feature requests on the project page


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