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wow addon Immersive Character Needs

Immersive Character Needs

Game Version: 8.2.5
Total Downloads: 228
Updated: Jan 14, 2020
Created: Jan 12, 2020
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Earlier Versions

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Immersive Character Needs - Beta beta 20.83 KB Jan 14, 2020 8.2.5 224 download Immersive Character Needs Immersive Character Needs - Beta betaDownload
Immersive Character Needs - Alpha alpha 20.82 KB Jan 12, 2020 8.2.5 4 download Immersive Character Needs Immersive Character Needs - Alpha alphaDownload


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Immersive Character Needs – Beta

by Jim Kroovy

{Insert Video Here}

Immersive Character Needs is a cosmetic needs system that enables your characters to feel hungry, thirsty and tired! 

Each need has it's own decay rate that gets multiplied by running, swimming, jumping and using moves

They are, of course, recovered by eating, drinking and resting ; )


Current Features:

  • An unobtrusive HUD with a few different appearance options that monitors and displays your current character needs. (Make it fit with your custom UI's)
  • Three needs that will increase and decrease depending on the actions your character takes in game. (Hunger, Thirst and Tire)
  • Optional need reactions that the user can configure to automatically share your characters current need levels in a variety of ways. (See the above video)
  • Various class and race specific options that effect how the needs increase and decrease. (eg: The forsaken cannibalise racial ability restores hunger)

Planned Features:

  • Moar class and race specific options.
  • Extra optional needs for things like diseases and hygiene.
  • Interface and option menu improvements.


  • Currently in Beta until i re-organise the code so it's not all crammed into one script.
  • Explantion video will be uploaded soon.
  • Updates will be sporadic (i have a life) so it is worth trying it on the most recent release even if it says it's out of date.
  • Please find links below in the about me section where you can report bugs, issues and ideas.

My Other Immersion Add-ons: (Coming Soon!)

– Immersive Character Moods

– Immersive User Interface

– Immersive First Person 

About Me:

Hi! I'm Jim and welcome to my first immersion add-on for World of Warcraft!

From a background working in Unreal Engine and Blender with visual and python scripting (and a bunch of experience modding various games) i took to this like a murloc to water (Mrrrrgglllurrgllrrgl!) and it's great fun, as well as an honour, being able to expand on the legendary World of Warcraft which i have been playing since the year of its release!

Right now i'm a character rigger/animator and game dev by trade so most of the things i share online are to do with game development and animation but i'm also a very picky and dedicated gamer.

I often live stream my work but i enjoy streaming games with my daughter and sometimes my girlfriend too… Come tune in and learn a thing or two about how games actually work… or laugh at how bad i am at playing them lol.

Feedback much appreciated and suggestions for updates would be lovely!

Consider supporting me on: Patreon

Find me live on: YouTube, Twitch and Mixer

Follow me on: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram



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