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Liar\’s Dice

Game Version: 7.2.0
Total Downloads: 1,284
Updated: Apr 1, 2017
Created: Sep 26, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Liar's Dice 4.1 release 2.87 KB Apr 1, 2017 7.2.0 301 download Liar\’s Dice Liar's Dice 4.1 releaseDownload
Liar's Dice 4.0 release 2.64 KB Nov 21, 2016 7.1.0 143 download Liar\’s Dice Liar's Dice 4.0 releaseDownload
Liar's Dice 3.0 release 2.65 KB Jun 15, 2016 6.2.4 319 download Liar\’s Dice Liar's Dice 3.0 releaseDownload
Liar's Dice 2.2 release 2.21 KB Nov 6, 2015 6.2.2 258 download Liar\’s Dice Liar's Dice 2.2 releaseDownload
Liar's Dice 2.1 release 2.20 KB Nov 6, 2015 6.2.2 61 download Liar\’s Dice Liar's Dice 2.1 releaseDownload
Liar's Dice 1.2 release 1.71 KB Sep 28, 2015 6.2.2 115 download Liar\’s Dice Liar's Dice 1.2 releaseDownload
Liar's Dice 1.1 release 1.42 KB Sep 28, 2015 6.2.2 87 download Liar\’s Dice Liar's Dice 1.1 releaseDownload



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This is an addon to simulate rolling dice covertly under a mug in tavern games. Previously, my friends and guildies used the site to simulate dice rolls.

I made this addon to make it easier to play without having to alt-tab to an external site!


"/ld x y"

"/dice x y"

Where x denotes the amount of dice you wish to roll. And y denotes how many eyes the dice should have. Only typing /dice x will make the eyes default to 6! The result will be printed in your chat, for you alone to see!

"/dice last" Will print he last roll you made in chat again, for your own viewing.

"/dice reveal" Will reveal your last roll in en emote, so others can see what you rolled.

Type "/dice help" for this info, ingame.

UPDATE: Pirates and Cheaters update!

Added a /ld cheat function, usage example: "/ld cheat 55468". Changes your current dice to the values specified. Has a chance to make your cheating known to other players, so is it worth the risk?!



"/ld version" will print all your raidmembers their Liar's Dice version into your chat. Handy to see if anyone has this addon installed while playing.

"/ld blind X Y" Same function as "/ld X Y", but instead hides your result even for yourself unless you "/ld last" or "/ld reveal". For added suspense and bluff!


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