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Library EditBox AutoComplete

Game Version: 7.3.0
Total Downloads: 215
Updated: Dec 23, 2017
Created: Dec 23, 2017
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Enables add-ons to setup custom autocomplete suggestions for any editbox. This can be used as an Ace GUI Widget or on the base game's editbox objects.


You can control the list of values from which autocomplete suggestions are pulled and the maximum number of suggestions to present at a time.



With Ace GUI:

local valueList = {"Suggestion 1", "Suggestion 2","Another Suggestion","One More Suggestion"};
local maxButtonCount = 20;

local text = AceGUI:Create('EditBox-AutoComplete');

Without Ace GUI:

local editbox = ...;
local valueList = {"Suggestion 1", "Suggestion 2","Another Suggestion","One More Suggestion"};
local maxButtonCount = 20;

SetupAutoComplete( editbox, valueList, maxButtonCount );



To setup this library for use in your addons:

  • Copy the files listed below into your add-on's directory
    • Lib-EditBox-AutoComplete.lua
    • Lib-EditBox-AutoComplete.xml
  • Add the xml file to your toc. No need to include the lua in your toc.


Used In Add-ons:

'What's Next?':

  • Used to aid players in selecting an ability from the set of all abilities in the game.


My Other Add-ons

  • Keystone Roll-Call – Accumulates, displays, and reports all known keystones for the week, automatically compiled from guild, party, and raid members.
  • What's Next? – Analyses battlefield conditions and suggests abilities, items, or macros to use given a set of conditions from the user.
  • Sudoku – An in-game Sudoku puzzle interface.
  • Library EditBox AutoComplete - Add custom autocomplete suggestions to any editbox.


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