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Game Version: 1.13.4
Total Downloads: 203
Updated: Apr 21, 2020
Created: Apr 19, 2020
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This addon lets you link your spells and talents in chat to other players just like you would in retail. 

Links in chat

Wyvern Sting tooltip


How to use:

1. Open your chat box by pressing Enter.

2. Shift-click a spell or talent in your spellbook or talent tree.

  1. 3. Send the link that was pasted into your chat box to people with the addon installed.


Links from party members


For the links to work, both the sender and the receivers need to have the addon installed.


Warning: left-clicking on a talent while having unspent talent points will put a point into that talent, even if you are pressing shift. In that case, you can right-click instead or even use the middle mouse button to get the links.




Reporting bugs:

If you have an issue, then please either leave a comment or send me a private message here on Curse. You can also go on Github and post it as an issue on the repo.


Known issues:

Some of the line breaks on the tooltips can be off sometimes, especially on Warlock spells/talents with long walls of text.
The addon will break if your game client is not in English, if there's enough demand I will consider adding support for other languages.


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