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Looking For Group Classic

Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 15,213
Updated: Oct 11, 2019
Created: Sep 22, 2019

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In Beta testing! (Some features have not been implemented yet and the code has not been optimized or cleaned)

IF you have suggestions or come across bugs or something just doesnt seem to be working right, PLEASE leave me a detailed message (what you have selected, what happened and the order it happened in)


I spent months working on this, trying to update it every day or two depending on how serious the bug is.

Any donations whether big or small, while not necessary would be a nice gesture saying you like the addon and appreciate the work going into it.  🙂


. This is my first addon so be gentle! I have been wanting to make this for many years playing original vanilla wow and private servers. I created this and test on a very slow amd eight core fx-8350 with maximum graphics running with several other addons in the background. There was no frame rate reduction or hesitation in play.  

Now, Tired of chat LFG/LFM and missing a group or chance to obtain something, I have created this addon. Low system resource usage, fast and convenient. It looks ALMOST like WOWs own LFG/LFM. It will monitor chat windows for groups or people looking for groups and place it into a graphical interface. It also uses its own communication between app users, so you can be out questing and getting some work done while waiting for a specific dungeon/PVP, raid to show up in the LFG/LFM. You can request to join a group (and be denied or accepted) or even invite someone to join your own group right from the app! The guild feature is useful for guilds when you wish to do guild events, raids or dungeons. It will also give your guild a chance to join you before you do a public search. 

YES, the eye does move/blink, you are not crazy. 

To access the app, type in /lfg in chat. Once in settings, you can check "Force key bind" in order to use the I key to open/close the interface. 

The Addon will monitor all chat channels used for group finding. It will filter out those groups via your selections in the window.

On the left side, you can choose if you wish to Create a group or Look for a group. then, you can choose the roles you wish to play (Join a Group)) or the roles your looking for (Create a Group). Select if you wish to do a Dungeon, Raid, PVP or Questing via pulldowns.  

The Show All button will do two things, it will show all activities you can do regardless of your level, as well as show all the individuals who are looking for a group or created a group (depending on the tab you are viewing). IF you choose a specific dungeon, raid or arena, you will only see those who are also looking to do the same activity. 

The Guild Only is a feature for guilds. It has all the functionality as described above but only your logged in guild members can see your Activities. So a Guild could have several different activities going on at the same time, and they could choose members who wish to participate via the app. (Raiding sessions, Guild only Dungeons, etc) 

Just to make this clear, the app will only be an extension of the chat, to organize what you see in a way that is organized. The App will not do anything automatic (No auto grouping, etc). Chat should still be monitored and you can mouse over the person/group to see what they typed in chat. The app is a standalone app and does not require ANY other client to have the same app installed. It will, however communicate with other clients so they could get chat they may have missed. No one will be "Required" to use this app on another computer with the fear they will be left out or miss anything.


— Things to work on:

    1) WORLD pvp (1/2 way done. You can broadcast but that's it). eg: Select PVP, WORLD PVP then type in Southshore raid! looking for all! and it will broadcast just that.

    2) inviting/joining a group to your own raid/group (this would entail both the leader of the LFM and everyone from the other group using the addon, otherwise the individuals in the other group who wish to join would have to break up and manually join)

    3) Whispers. When you are chatting with someone I need to check if they are in your raid/group before autowhisper kicks in



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