WoW Mount Up! addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
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Mount Up!

Game Version: 8.2.0
Total Downloads: 1,061
Updated: Jul 8, 2019
Created: Jun 23, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 4.44 KB Jul 8, 2019 8.2.0 432 download Mount Up! releaseDownload
Mount Up release 4.47 KB Jun 24, 2018 7.3.5 +7 629 download Mount Up! Mount Up releaseDownload



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When you reach 225 mounts, you can't keep all your favorites on your hotbars anymore; there just isn't enough room for mounts and other things. This add-on brings up a scalable window which puts all your favorite mounts in one area. No more using precious hotbar space.


The location, scale, and number of rows are all customizable.


Right-click on the frame to update it.


Shift-drag to move the frame.


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