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Mouse Look

Game Version: 9.0.2
Total Downloads: 1,833
Updated: Nov 22, 2020
Created: Jul 4, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
MouseLook-2.1 release 8.97 KB Nov 22, 2020 9.0.2 0 download Mouse Look MouseLook-2.1 releaseDownload
Mouselook-2.0 Classic release 8.97 KB Oct 20, 2020 1.13.5 43 download Mouse Look Mouselook-2.0 Classic releaseDownload
MouseLook-2.0 release 8.97 KB Oct 20, 2020 9.0.1 253 download Mouse Look MouseLook-2.0 releaseDownload
MouseLook release 154.93 KB Jul 4, 2018 8.0.1 +1 1,537 download Mouse Look MouseLook releaseDownload



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Adds a keybind to do mouselook toggling, so you don't need to hold down the right mouse button all the time.


This addon also puts a placeholder cursor icon, which is a crosshair. This has two purposes:

1) To give you feedback on when you are in MouseLook mode.

2) So you know where your cursor is while MouseLooking for @cursor macros.


If you want to use mouselook mode and still cast ground-targeted spells, then you can do so by making a macro for your spell. Example:

/cast [@cursor] Rain of Fire


Then just aim where the crosshair is and push the macro for an instant cast.


There are no plans to add window detection or other such things, though I may consider adding the option for it later if demand is high. This addon is intended to be lightweight and non-invasive. It does not poll every frame to see if it might be open. It assumes that if you don't want to mouselook you'll right-click or untoggle it. You need to do that in order to do most interactions anyway. 




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