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My Voice Controller

Game Version: 6.0.1
Total Downloads: 5,567
Updated: Aug 18, 2014
Created: Jun 23, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
My Voice Controller v2.14.8.15 release 641.53 KB Aug 18, 2014 6.0.1 919 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v2.14.8.15 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v2.12.1.6 release 183.35 KB Jan 6, 2012 5.4.8 539 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v2.12.1.6 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.11.3.4 release 163.17 KB Mar 4, 2011 4.2.0 427 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.11.3.4 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.8.11.20 release 154.75 KB Apr 12, 2009 3.1.0 2,333 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.8.11.20 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.8.8.7 release 110.65 KB Aug 7, 2008 2.4.3 573 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.8.8.7 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.8.7.21 release 96.06 KB Jul 21, 2008 2.4.3 201 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.8.7.21 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.0.3.7 release 209.83 KB Jul 7, 2008 2.4.2 233 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.0.3.7 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.0.3.5 release 195.92 KB Jun 27, 2008 2.4.2 160 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.0.3.5 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.0.3.0 release 194.69 KB Jun 26, 2008 2.4.2 114 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.0.3.0 releaseDownload
My Voice Controller v1.0.1.2 release 74.37 KB Jun 23, 2008 2.4.2 68 download My Voice Controller My Voice Controller v1.0.1.2 releaseDownload



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My Voice Controller allows you to emulate mouse and keyboard inputs by using your voice. Common uses for this software are gaming and assistance for the disabled/injured. I wrote this program to assist me with playing various games including World of Warcraft. The software is free. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


• Mapping voice keywords to common tasks
• Send a single key
• Send a text phrase
• Key down/up
• Mouse button click (Left, right, middle)
• Mouse cursor move, add
• Mouse cursor position save and load
• Delays – Useful for keyboard, mouse and macro input
• Macros – Allows common/long commands to be referenced by a single key word
• Special voice commands such as repeat last command
• Push To Talk (PTT)
• Webbrowser
• Run external programs
• Text to Speech (TTS)
• Many more features available. See the profile commands section of this document.

Help File

The help files is included with the download

Change Log

** website closed. Project is now hosted at curse
Included many profiles with install download. Profiles from old 5hyphen website are now included with the program's download
Copied the helpful forum posts from the 5hyphen website to the FORUM folder included with the program's download
CODE: Help file (PDF) is now included with download.
CODE: Changed help menu link to point to included PDF help file instead of website
CODE: Changed help menu items (support, donate, forums) to point to website instead of website
CODE: Removed check for updates
BUGFIX: Various small fixes

CODE: Compiled with autoit 12-23-2011 version
CODE: Isolated auto-it code to enable only when auto-it commands are used. No longer requires Auto-It to be installed.
CODE: Converted to Visual Basic 2010 from 2008.
NEW FEATURE: Added displaying the update changelog when a new update is available.
BUGFIX: Reattached project code to a new project to remove legacy issues.
BUGFIX: Relinked help file url links in help section
BUGFIX: Fixed update notification for new software updates
BUGFIX: Removed empty update tab in options

BUGFIX: Various bugfixes

NEW COMMAND: MOUSEWHEELUP,MOUSEWHEELDOWN – Moves the mouse wheel up or down a certain number of clicks. Example: mouse wheel up ten|(MOUSEWHEELUP:10)
NEW COMMAND: FOCUSWINDOWNAMEMATCH – Brings a window to the foreground by partial matching window titles to your criteria. Example: show word|(FOCUSWINDOWNAMEMATCH:word)
NEW FEATURE: MVC can now be minimized to the system tray. Double click the system tray icon to restore MVC.
NEW FEATURE: MVC can now ignore commands on startup. Change this in the options menu.
BUGFIX: Auto Refresh fixed.

NEW FEATURE: Ability to set focus windows for input. New focus tab added.
NEW COMMAND: FOCUSWINDOW – Brings a window to the foreground. Example: show notepad|(FOCUSWINDOW:Notepad)
NEW COMMAND: FOCUSWINDOWNUM – Brings a pre-set window to the foreground using the window's handle. Example: show notepad|(FOCUSWINDOWNUM:1)
NEW COMMAND: FOCUSWINDOWNAME – Brings a pre-set window to the foreground using the window's name. Example: show notepad|(FOCUSWINDOWNAME:1)
NEW FEATURE: Option to automatically check for updates.
BUGFIX: Auto Refresh checkbox state is now remembered between sessions
BUGFIX: On Top checkbox state is now remembered between sessions

NEW FEATURE: Added user system commands. Located in the options menu. Now can be edited and disabled.
NEW FEATURE: Repeat the last command more than once. (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15,20,25). Example: Say "Repeat seven"
NEW COMMAND: SPEAK contents of windows clipboard. Example: say clipboard contents|(SPEAK:clipboard)
NEW FEATURE: Listen system command. Accept/Ignore voice commands. Example: Say "Controller On"
NEW FEATURE: Window title can be changed in the options. Added ability to add last command to the title.
NEW FEATURE: Show Commands system command. Displays a list of commands you can speak. Example: Say "Show Commands"
NEW COMMAND: MOUSEOFFSET – Adds/Subtracts X,Y from all mouse position commands. Useful for screen resolution changes or window moves.
NEW COMMAND: LOADPROFILE. Loads a voice profile. Example: switch to browser commands|(LOADPROFILE:browser.mvc)
NEW COMMAND: MOUSESAVE, MOUSELOAD – Allows saving/loading upto 100 mouse coordinates that are stored between sessions. Example: save mouse twenty|(mousesave:20) , load mouse twenty|(mouseload:20)
BUGFIX: Fixed Auto Refesh checkbox anchor.
BUGFIX: Profiles would load twice at startup.

NEW COMMANDS: MOUSEAI,MOUSEMOVEAI,MOUSEADDAI – Uses AutoIt3 for mouse. See help for more information.
NEW FEATURE: Added menu item to clear last accessed profiles from list
NEW FEATURE: Multiple voice triggers can now be on the same line seperated by a comma ",". Example: Delay,Wait|(delay:100)
BUGFIX: Would error on vista machines without administrator access while writing to the registry. (Thanks monicker)
CODE: Added icons for load/refresh/edit profile.
CODE: Added menu items for load/refresh/edit profile under File.

Now compatible with programs that are resistant to normal key/mouse commands such as Warhammer Online and Guildwars.
CODE: Incorporated AutoItX3.dll from AutoIt3 (
NEW FEATURE: Added AutoIt3 send codes help url to the tools menu.

CODE: WEBBROWSER – Remembers size and position upon exit.
NEW FEATURE: Easy profile management – pull down list for last 10 accessed profiles

NEW COMMAND: MOUSEADD – Adds/Subtracts X,Y from all mouse position commands. Useful for screen resolution changes or wow window moves.
NEW COMMAND: WEBBROWSER – Opens a web browser window with the selected URL. This is useful for voice recognition on flash games where you don't want browser controlls interfering with your game.
NEW FEATURE: Associate .MVC files with My Voice Controller. Voice profiles can now be loaded/changed by clicking on the file in windows explorer.
NEW FEATURE: Check for updates to MVC. Located in the help menu.
NEW FEATURE: Commands tab now displays commands in a grid instead of a textbox for readability.
CODE: All voice profiles changed from .TXT to .MVC
CODE: My Voice Controller can now only be loaded once in memory.
BUGFIX: If file not found upon loading, the error box would be hidden by the splash screen (Thanks Hapepe82)

NEW FEATURE: On Top button to keep My Voice Controller on top of other windows.
NEW COMMAND: RUNEXTERNAL – Allows launching external programs/files. See default file for examples.
NEW COMMAND: SPEAK – Allows text to speech. See default file for examples.
CODE: Removed donate form. Redirected to
NEW COMMAND: !FORMAT=|(:). Note, imported profiles must be in the same format as the main profile.
NEW FEATURE: User defined profile formats. See !FORMAT command
NEW FEATURE: Nested macros. Now you may refer to macros within macros.
BUGFIX: Removed UTF-8 Encoding on first line if exists.
Converted priest and default files to new profile formats.
Changed release version numbers to follow build date stamps. v1.8.7.21 is version 1 July 21,2008
Moved the helpfile to the forums
BUGFIX: Options menu. The cancel button is working again.
BUGFIX: Options menu. The text editor field is visable again.
Added a splash screen

Modified KEYS.DAT file. Added ALT key code (same as menu)
NEW FUNCTION: IMPORT – adds a profile to the existing profile. This is useful if you have one main profile with generic commands available for all your profiles and several other profiles that you switch between often. NOTE: commands and macros in the imported file will overwrite any commands and macros that exist in the main profile. Also the imported profiles must be in the same directory as the main profile.
BUGFIX: Auto refresh profile was not working.
Added file "priest – healbot.txt"
Made various changes to the priest.txt file

BUGFIX: Auto refresh profile was enabled even if checkbox was not checked at application launch
BUGFIX: default.txt file had a bad macro
CODE: Option changes made are now saved after exiting the options dialog box and not when program is closed.
CODE: Added error trapping in profile loading
CODE: Added error trapping for bad commands. They must now contain a | on the line.
User Interface: Added commands tab with current loaded commands

Added voice command "Stop Command" to stop a long sequence
User Interface: Panels now resize when form resizes
User Interface: Added debug tab
User Interface: Added status bar on the bottom of the form
Added feedback information to the status bar
Added help file to self install zip file
Made various changes to the priest.txt file
CODE: Added event handler
CODE: Reprogrammed the macro code
CODE: Modified delay code to process events
CODE: Changes made in options are applied after exiting options dialog
NEW COMMAND: REPEAT. Repeats all previous commands X amount of times. Example: repeat me|delay 100 repeat 5
NEW FEATURE: Debug output

Initial Release


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