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wow addon New Channel Tabs

New Channel Tabs

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 New Channel Tabs



 This is pretty self explanatory on how it works. Each end of the bar can be grabbed by your mouse so you can set it where you want. The position will be saved for the next time you log in. Depending on where you are will determine what channels will be available. Give it a second to load them. If you are in a Guild that channel we automatically be added. And the Officer Channel will be added as well. If you are in Valdrakken a 5th channel will be added for “Services”.


Now there is no need to type in what channel you need. All you have to do is click the tab that you need and it will open that channel.



See images…………….


 New Chat Bar Tabs


Button / ChannelType Options: ¶ – Channel and voice chat menu button.

S – /s – Sends a chat message to players in your immediate local area.

Y – /y – Sends a chat message to all players in your zone. 

R – /raid – Sends a chat message to your raid.

RW – /rw – Sends a raid warning to your raid.

G – /p – Sends a chat message to your party. 

B – /bg – Sends a chat message to your battleground. 

Gu – /gc – Sends a chat message to your guild. 

Of – /osay – Sends a chat message to your guild’s officer channel. 


v. 0.08 Fixed for Dragon Flight


I am not the original author, I just made this work for Dragon Flight. The original author hasn’t been around for a minute…..His name will remain in the TOC and in the Core.lua………..




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