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Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 117
Updated: Dec 11, 2019
Created: Nov 22, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Notation-1.0.1 release 2.81 KB Dec 11, 2019 1.13.2 86 download Notation Notation-1.0.1 releaseDownload
Notation-1.0.0 release 2.34 KB Nov 23, 2019 1.13.2 31 download Notation Notation-1.0.0 releaseDownload



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Adds custom notes to item tooltips.

Basic Usage:

  1. 1. Hover over the item you want the note to appear in.
  2. 2. Type /nota "your note" and enter.
  3. 3. Note should appear immediately on the tooltip. If not, just rehover over it and it should update.


/nota <your note> = add note to tooltip
/nota e <number> <new note> = edit numbered note
/nota x <number> = delete numbered note
/nota x = deletes all notes for tooltip
/nota c label/note <6 alphanumeric color hex> = sets color the label or note
/nota c reset = resets color to default
Note: In the meantime use a site like to pick your desired color hex code

Current limitations / issues:
– If an item shares an item ID with another (e.g. equips that share the base item name but different suffixes) they will all show the same notes.

Planned features:
– add notes per char (currently it's global)
– reorder notes
– user interface / database of notes

Feel free to report errors/bugs in the comments. I made this for personal use but I thought maybe other people might have a use for it too, so it's not exactly well tested lol. Thanks!


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