WoW Petship addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
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Game Version: 7.3.5 +7
Total Downloads: 3,046
Updated: Jun 25, 2018
Created: Sep 4, 2016
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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 575.24 KB Jun 25, 2018 7.3.5 +7 1,007 download Petship releaseDownload release 575.19 KB Apr 10, 2018 7.3.5 +4 48 download Petship releaseDownload release 575.17 KB Apr 4, 2018 7.3.5 +7 82 download Petship releaseDownload release 575.08 KB Jul 23, 2017 7.2.5 424 download Petship releaseDownload release 575.08 KB Jul 23, 2017 7.2.5 20 download Petship releaseDownload release 575.02 KB Oct 31, 2016 7.1.0 578 download Petship releaseDownload release 575.00 KB Sep 4, 2016 7.0.3 318 download Petship releaseDownload



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My attempt at writing an addon that mimics the ancient art of befriending your hunter pets.

  • Shows happiness and loyalty on the pet paper-doll and pet frame.
  • Shows active pet spec image in the topleft of character frame.
  • Includes basic options to change rate of advancement for happiness/loyalty.
  • /petship for options and /petship reset to reset pets

On Loyalty; "When you first tamed a pet, its Loyalty index was at the lowest level. If you immediately fed it, this would raise happiness which, in time, would help to raise the pet's loyalty index. The player had to keep in mind that loyalty was directly tied to happiness. You could not neglect one without the other trait suffering." - WoWWiki

On Happiness; happiness would affect how quickly your pet would gain loyalty and encouraged the player to interact with their pets by feeding them.  Pets would gain happiness when moving, eating, and fighting with its hunter.  Pets would lose happiness if it died, was idle, or the player abandoned it(leaving viewable range would de-spawn your pet)


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