WoW Pkg-GridPanels addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2022
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Game Version: 1.13.6
Total Downloads: 92
Updated: Dec 22, 2020
Created: Nov 19, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
1.0.1-classic release 9.48 KB Dec 22, 2020 1.13.6 0 download Pkg-GridPanels 1.0.1-classic releaseDownload
1.0.1 release 9.48 KB Dec 22, 2020 9.0.2 0 download Pkg-GridPanels 1.0.1 releaseDownload
1.0-classic release 9.57 KB Nov 19, 2020 1.13.5 49 download Pkg-GridPanels 1.0-classic releaseDownload
1.0 release 9.57 KB Nov 19, 2020 9.0.2 43 download Pkg-GridPanels 1.0 releaseDownload


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A LibMayronObjects package that allows you to create UI panels using a grid of cells. The package also supports responsive scroll frames that dynamically shift child elements when the panel is resized.
Pkg-GridPanels is a LibMayronObjects package consisting of 4 classes to build responsive, grid-like UI panels in World of Warcraft. This package was used to build the responsive MayronUI configuration menu. By responsive, we refer to the ability for elements to dynamically shift to fit inside a resizable frame. However, this responsiveness feature is optional. The package also lets you easily assign frames to multiple grid regions, similar to how CSS-Grid works in web development.
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