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Quest Spam

Game Version: 5.4.2
Total Downloads: 7,961
Updated: Feb 26, 2014
Created: Nov 18, 2008
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
QuestSpam.1.2.1 release 10.68 KB Feb 26, 2014 5.4.2 1,513 download Quest Spam QuestSpam.1.2.1 releaseDownload
QuestSpam.1.2.0 release 10.39 KB Feb 24, 2014 5.4.2 92 download Quest Spam QuestSpam.1.2.0 releaseDownload
r20140224001124 release 10.37 KB Feb 24, 2014 5.4.2 73 download Quest Spam r20140224001124 releaseDownload release 10.15 KB Oct 28, 2011 4.2.0 950 download Quest Spam releaseDownload
Quest Spam 1.0.1 release 10.16 KB Nov 19, 2008 3.0.3 4,890 download Quest Spam Quest Spam 1.0.1 releaseDownload
Quest Spam 1.0.0 release 10.10 KB Nov 18, 2008 3.0.3 412 download Quest Spam Quest Spam 1.0.0 releaseDownload
r20140223230151 alpha 10.24 KB Feb 23, 2014 4.2.0 31 download Quest Spam r20140223230151 alphaDownload



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Quest Spam

What is Quest Spam?

Quest Spam is a World of Warcraft addon or mod that allows you to share your Achievements and Quest progress with your friends over a chat channel or party/raid chat. Great for sharing your Achievements and Quest status as you grind and level up. There are many options for you to work with that allow you to tailor what events are shared. Quest Spam is good Spam!

Why Quest Spam?

I wrote this for me and my brother. We love to level and quest together, but, sometimes (more often than not) we are a few levels apart. Well the chat sometimes goes like this.. '''"Ding! I Leveled!"''' , and '''"Hey, I finished {insertquesthere} and it gave me {insertxphere} XP"''' and the notorious '''"How many of {insertcreature} do you have left to kill?"'''. This addon will save you some keystrokes, have more conversation not related to your progress, and it makes the grind more interesting watching two or more toons progress.


Use the interface options addon panel for toggling features. (see image) I hope it's fairly obvious what each toggle does, I put in some decent tool tips.

Console Usage:
/qspam or /qspam status Outputs the preference toggles
/qspam on Toggles Quest Spam on/off
/qspam stats Spams your level and achievement stats
/qspam channelid 6 This will set your spam channel to channel 6

These toggle where quest spam goes
/qspam party
/qspam raid
/qspam channel
/qspam local

These toggle quest spam features
/qspam details
/qspam discovery
/qspam questxp
/qspam levelup
/qspam killxp

I use this to ensure that things are working right
/qspam debug

Extra Features

Let me know of any extra features that you think are missing.
'''… and help me localize this addon'''


— v0.2.1 Nov 06, 2008 alpha stage, basic features in place, but has no options menu
— v0.2.2 Nov 08, 2008 Options Menu added and functional
— v0.3.0 Nov 09, 2008 FIX: QuestComplete XP calculated post turn-in
— FIX: Moved some rogue loc text into the loctext file
— v1.0.1 Nov 18, 2008 FIX: Debug mode now defaulted to off.
— v1.1.0 Dec 27, 2011 UPDATE: Update to newest version of wow and prepping for re-release.
— v1.2.0 Feb 23, 2014 UPDATE: Update to wow version 5.4.


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