WoW ReturnBuffTracker (classic continued) addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon ReturnBuffTracker (classic continued)

ReturnBuffTracker (classic continued)

Game Version: 1.13.7
Total Downloads: 136
Updated: Apr 23, 2021
Created: Apr 21, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.0.1-classic release 158.75 KB Apr 23, 2021 1.13.7 119 download ReturnBuffTracker (classic continued) v1.0.1-classic releaseDownload
v1.0.1-continued-classic alpha 158.76 KB Apr 22, 2021 1.13.7 17 download ReturnBuffTracker (classic continued) v1.0.1-continued-classic alphaDownload



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ReturnBuffTracker is a continuation of

ReturnBuffTracker provides a set of bars, representing the status of your raid players : alive, mana, soulstones, world buffs, consumables etc.
This continuation provides several modifications and improvements compared to the (discontinued) original
It is mainly designed for wow classic, but porting to BC should be possible. However, BC addon may already exist.

Table of contents

  1. Screenshots
  2. Known limitations
  3. New features compared to original addon
  4. Changed features compared to the original addon

0. screenshots

A live example.
Healer and DPS mana in Wow classic can only be guessed using player class and some other clues (for instance : shadow form buff, cat form buff, moonkin form buff, bear form buff, MT raid role)
Live example

Config frame
Config Frame

Another example (see screenshots for more)

1. Known limitations

  • may affect performances with lots of active bars and low computer specs
  • frame may not show/hide properly (future release planned to address this issue)

2. New features compared to original addon:

  • slackers bar (disconnected, feign death, low level, AFK, …)
  • loot method check bar : tells method, ML, threshold
  • shift+clic to report bar informations to a selected channel
  • bar displays a % text or NA if data cannot be computed
  • Handles single buff / group buffs aggregation into a single entity, i.e. Fortitude bar counts both 30 min and 1h00 buffs
  • some consumables can be in individually tracked and/or tracked in combined form (+20dmg potion; +30 dmg potion; +20 or +30 dmg potion)

3. Changed features compared to the original addon:

  • For some bars, players AFK/Disco/dead are ignored
  • Rework of the settings frame
  • Healer and DPS Mana % bar improvements:

    • will try to detect cat and moonkin forms (druids) and ignore the player and its power status
    • will ignore players with role “tank” (should avoid druid bear form being taken into account). So, if you have a healer priest as MT … well …
    • will only count “Mana” power and discard all other kind of energies
    • mana % is calculated by computing [global/max global] mana pool instead of avering mana % into a %
  • DarkmoonFaire buff : reuse code from NovaWorldBuff to indicate on the bar if the DMF is inactive
  • Soulstones : tooltip tells which players have a soulstone and who did the cast


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