WoW Shared Media: Loud Noises! addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Shared Media: Loud Noises!

Shared Media: Loud Noises!

Game Version: 9.0.2
Total Downloads: 59
Updated: Jan 16, 2021
Created: Jan 10, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
v1.0.2 release 382.05 KB Jan 16, 2021 9.0.2 55 download Shared Media: Loud Noises! v1.0.2 releaseDownload
v1.0.1 release 382.08 KB Jan 16, 2021 9.0.2 4 download Shared Media: Loud Noises! v1.0.1 releaseDownload


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This is a collection of meme sounds from my guild Loud Noises! to be used with addons that integrate with the shared media lib such as bigwigs, dbm, weakauras, and others. Audio volume is not normalized nor is quality guaranteed. This is basically a collection of auditory memes.


Currently includes:

* Draenal – "I'm a fuckin' idiot" 0/10

* Draenal – "Hit my balls" 7/10

* Wodi – "Six is our make a wish child" 8/10

* Ion – "Recommend not wiping" 10/10

* Sweet – "Uwu, Step on my sanity daddy" 6/10

* Slootbag – "Well well well, if it isn't Dr. Anal" 8/10

* Bere – "Who the fuck are you!?" 7/10 (sound bit isn't very clean)

* Wodi – "Oh dear. I'm inside another man's ass" 5/10


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