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Game Version: 7.2.5 +1
Total Downloads: 2,452
Updated: Jul 20, 2017
Created: Jul 14, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Soloqueue-0.3 beta 37.53 KB Jul 20, 2017 7.2.5 +1 1,970 download Soloqueue Soloqueue-0.3 betaDownload
Soloqueue-0.2 alpha 36.93 KB Jul 14, 2017 7.2.5 +1 480 download Soloqueue Soloqueue-0.2 alphaDownload


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Soloqueue automatically finds teammates and joins you into rated PVP games. Similar to arena skirmishes, except with rated gear rewards and being matched with players of similar skill.


Getting started

Simply use the minimap button to create the Soloqueue macro. Put the macro on your bars and spam it until you join a game. Use the "reset" minimap option to start over. 



  • Automated matching of suitable teammates with similar ratings.
  • Automated joining of games: 2v2, 3v3 or Rated BGs are supported.
  • Enforce that you only join games with a healer present.
  • Option to ignore ratings (for fast 10 wins)
  • Blacklist players using /soloqueue-blacklist <player>
  • Rudimentary cheat detection to ensure players don't spoof their ratings.



  • Does not support joining as a group.
  • Does not support specifying group make up. i.e. RMP, TSG etc 



1. How am I matched with other players of similar skill?

You will join a group of players who are all within 100 CR of each other, centered around the group leader. If no valid groups are found, a new group is formed and you will become the leader. If you are the leader with CR 1800, players with CR 1750->1849 are permitted to join.


An exception to this are players below 1200 CR, where you will be matched with any player within 0-1200 CR. 


2. Why is there an option to ignore ratings?

If you don't care about ratings, this option allows you to join groups accepting all skill levels. You will get into games faster as the pool of players will be much larger.

NOTE: During early testing, this option is enabled by default. It can be disabled.


3. Does "ignore ratings" mean a noob can join my 2.4K games?

No. If a player decides to ignore ratings, they will not be able to join groups that do take rating into account. i.e. a 1.5k player ignoring ratings won't be able to join your 2.4k group!


4. I'm not finding any groups or players. What gives?

Unfortunately there aren't many players using the addon yet. Feel free to ask friends to install the addon and use it to join games quickly out of convenience.


5. What's all this jargon appearing in chat when I join a Soloqueue group?

You are seeing the handshake messages being sent back and forth between game clients. Soloqueue uses chat comms instead of the hidden "addon-comms", as cross-realm "addon-comms" doesn't seem to work currently. When this is fixed, these messages can be hidden.


Found a bug?

If you think you might have found a bug, just leave a comment here with as much information as possible. Screenshots are usually very helpful as well.



DISCLAIMER: You may play against established, premade teams using voice comms. This is cannot be helped. I fully support an official Soloqueue being integrated into the game with a separate pool of players, and this addon can be made redundant. For the meantime, it's a good second best.


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