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Super Duper Macro

Game Version: 3.4.0 +3
Total Downloads: 1,570
Updated: Nov 8, 2022
Created: Nov 8, 2022
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Earlier Versions

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Initial Release release 61.56 KB Nov 8, 2022 3.4.0 +3 1,569 download Super Duper Macro Initial Release releaseDownload



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Enables the creation of incredibly long macros.


  • This is a fork of the original Super Duper Macro addon, original author hypehuman, no longer play the game, and don’t maintain it. There was another person maintaining the addon, but he stopped too, a few years ago.

Configuration / Usage

Open the interface by typing /sdm or click the colorful button on macro window

  • Create macros beyond the 255-character limit, and even beyond the 1023-character macrotext limit.

    • However, no individual line in a macro may be more than 1023 characters long (you will get a warning).
    • The number of lines is unlimited.
  • Share macros in-game.
  • Button macros

    • 36 global and 18 character-specific for each character.
  • Floating macros are accessed with /click either at the chat box or within a macro.

    • There is a Usage button which will explain how.
    • You can make as many of these as you want.
  • Lua scripts of unlimited length

    • /sdm run <name>
    • sdm_RunScript("name")
  • NOTE: World of Warcraft has a limitation where the macro’s icon will not change if #showtooltip or the macro are long.

    • SuperDuperMacro has not attempted to correct for this limit, so if you have a very long #showtooltip with many modifiers like [mod:x] or [form:x], your icon will not change. You can still have a complex macro, but that #showtooltip will have to be made simple.

Issues and suggestions

(issues list)

  • If you have seen an error, disable all addons but this one and re-test before creating an issue.

    • If you have multiple addons installed, errors you think are for one addon may actually be for another. No really, disable everything else.
  • Search for your issue before creating an issue.
  • Always report errors.

hypehuman’s special thanks

  • The SuperMacro AddOn, which inspired the idea for this addon.
  • All the regulars on the UI & Macro forums, who have been guiding me through this process.


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