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Game Version: 8.1.0 +1
Total Downloads: 104
Updated: Dec 17, 2018
Created: Dec 11, 2018
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With the removal of MasterLoot, raid loot has become somewhat…messy.


You kill that boss for the 9th time. You get the same Cloak yet again. You have no use for it, but others in your raid may be able to.

You try to say something on Discord, but the discussion about the latest cat video drowns you out.

You link the item to the Raid chat. Four people say they need it, 2 people send you links to the cat video.

You tell people to roll in Raid chat – 7 people roll, 4 who need it, 2 who just like to roll, and 1 who likes to roll 1-1000 to mess with people.

Chaos ensues, 4 other pieces of loot are up for trade, and it takes 20 minutes to get it all sorted out.


Enough already !


UgghyLoot2 borrows from a couple of other addons (RaidLootRoller primarily) and presents a simple, easy way to control tradeable personal loot in the Raid.


When a person receives loot they don't need, they simply send a whisper to the person running the addon with the word TRADE and the itemlink of the piece of loot :


       /w Ugghy  trade [ItemLink]


  • The Addon will add the item to the list of loot available to be rolled on, and thank the sender.
  • The Addon user can then click a button to ignore that piece of loot (in case of idiots linking Food or Junk)
  • The Addon user can click a ROLL button that starts a 20 second roll.
    • The roll is announced via Raid Warning, and a timer started.
    • At 10 seconds, a reminder is broadcast.
    • At 5 seconds, a countdown is shown each second until the roll timer expires.
    • The rolls are then tabulated, sorted, and announced to the raid.
  • Invalid rolls (not 1-100) or duplicate rolls are automatically ignored.
  • In the event of tied winners, an additional 10 second rolloff is started, with only the tied rollers allowed to register rolls.
    • The rolloff repeats on subsequent ties until a winner is established.
  • Once the winner is determined, the original sender is notified of the winner's name and the winner is notified of the original looter.
  • The looter and winner can then get together to trade the item, eliminating any middleman/soul-binding issues

 UgghyLoot2 loads, but remains inactive until enabled. 


  • To enable/disable, type  /ul2 toggle
  • To show the UI, type /ul2 show
  • To hide the UI, type /ul2 hide
  • To reset all the rolls/loot, type /ul2 reset or click the RESET button on the UI
  • The MiniMap Button can also Enable/Disable/Show/Hide and Roll on the first item in the list


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