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United We Spam

Game Version: 6.2.0
Total Downloads: 2,384
Updated: Jun 23, 2015
Created: Jan 1, 2012
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
6.2.0 release 2.10 KB Jun 23, 2015 6.2.0 646 download United We Spam 6.2.0 releaseDownload
6.1.0 release 2.10 KB Feb 24, 2015 6.1.0 139 download United We Spam 6.1.0 releaseDownload
WoD Re-release release 2.10 KB Nov 1, 2014 6.0.3 205 download United We Spam WoD Re-release releaseDownload
Official Release 1.2 release 2.10 KB Mar 7, 2012 4.3.0 892 download United We Spam Official Release 1.2 releaseDownload
Official Release 1.1 release 2.10 KB Jan 2, 2012 4.3.0 215 download United We Spam Official Release 1.1 releaseDownload
Official Release 1.0 release 2.10 KB Jan 2, 2012 4.3.0 104 download United We Spam Official Release 1.0 releaseDownload
Release 1.1 release 2.03 KB Jan 2, 2012 4.3.0 56 download United We Spam Release 1.1 releaseDownload
Release 1.0 release 2.01 KB Jan 2, 2012 4.3.0 60 download United We Spam Release 1.0 releaseDownload
Test Beta beta 1.97 KB Jan 1, 2012 4.3.0 67 download United We Spam Test Beta betaDownload



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NOTE – Will be coming back to WoW (and rebooting this project) when WoD hits 🙂 See you there!


An intelligent way of promoting your guild in Trade Chat without the drawbacks of having to co-ordinate who's afk in SW/ORG spamming trade chat.

Instead of your average spam bot, this addon actively takes a roster of who's in a major city from your guild and every 90 seconds, one person will print out the designated message into Trade Channel. There is no need to coordinate who's afk spamming in Trade or to have anyone sitting in SW at all. A plus is that this addon takes a whopping 17kb of memory (that's sarcasm :P)

Hardly any configuration is needed for this addon:

Step1: Install United We Spam

Step2: Add your intended message under your guild information tab starting with "UWS:" Add this to the END of the guild information.


How To

If you type /uws message, United We Spam will give you a confirmation on what your message will appear like:


Step3: Walk into a major city 🙂

Other commands for United We Spam just include /uws on and /uws off for turning on and off the addon. Also /uws timer (NUMBEROFSECONDS) changes how often UWS spams. EX: /uws timer 120


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