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Game Version: 6.2.3
Total Downloads: 1,228
Updated: Dec 3, 2015
Created: Sep 1, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
WHeirloomList - 1.0c release 3.23 KB Dec 3, 2015 6.2.3 855 download WHeirloomList WHeirloomList - 1.0c releaseDownload
WHeirloomList - 1.0b release 3.19 KB Dec 3, 2015 5.4.8 95 download WHeirloomList WHeirloomList - 1.0b releaseDownload
WHeirloomList - 1.0a release 3.18 KB Dec 3, 2015 3.3.5 71 download WHeirloomList WHeirloomList - 1.0a releaseDownload
WHeirloomList release 3.26 KB Sep 1, 2015 4.3.4 207 download WHeirloomList WHeirloomList releaseDownload



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Addon name: WHeirloomList
– 1.0a (3.3.5a):
– 1.0 (4.3.4):
– 1.0b (5.4.8):
– 1.0c (6.2.3):
Game version: 3.3.5a & 4.3.4 & 5.4.8 & 6.2.3
Author: Weper
Supported languages: English, German, Hungarian

The addon shows all heirlooms on your character.
You must just type in the chat: /wheirloom, and this addon will list you all Heirlooms on your character.
If you want see your Heirloom items in your bank, you must first open the bank.
Installation: Put WHeirloomList folder in the: World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns folder.


  • /wheirloomhelp – Shows all commands of the addon.
  • /wheirloom – Shows all heirlooms on your character.
  • /heirloomhun – Enable or disable Hungarian language.

Dieses Addon zeigt alle Heirlooms, die sich an deinem Charakter befinden.
Du musst nur /wheirloom ins Chat reinschreiben und das Addon wird dir alle Heirlooms zeigen, die sich an deinem Charakter befinden.
Wenn du die Heirlooms sehen möchtest, die in deinem Bank sind, dann musst du erst das Bank öffnen.
Installation: Kopiere den WHeirloomList Ordner in den Warcraft\Interface\AddOns Ordner.


  • /wheirloomhelp – Es zeigt die Befehle des Addons.
  • /wheirloom – Es zeigt alle Heirlooms, die sich an deinem Charakter befinden.
  • /heirloomhun – Ungarische Sprache ein- oder ausschalten.

Ez az addon kilistázza, hogy a karaktereden milyen Heirloomok vannak.
Csak be kell írnod a chatbe, hogy /wheirloom és az addon már ki is listázza neked, hogy milyen Heirloomok vannak a karaktereden.
Ha szeretnéd látni a bankodban lévő Heirloomokat is, akkor először meg kell nyitnod a bankot.
Telepítés: Másold a WHeirloomList mappát a World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns mappába.


  • /wheirloomhelp – Kiírja az addon parancsait.
  • /wheirloom – Kilistázza a karaktereden lévő heirloomokat.
  • /heirloomhun – Magyar nyelv ki- vagy bekapcsolása.



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