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Game Version: 6.2.3
Total Downloads: 1,997
Updated: Dec 12, 2015
Created: Mar 11, 2015
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
WorkorderNeeds 2.01.630 release 18.59 KB Dec 12, 2015 6.2.3 1,077 download WorkorderNeeds WorkorderNeeds 2.01.630 releaseDownload
WorkorderNeeds 1.02.625 release 16.87 KB May 15, 2015 6.1.0 545 download WorkorderNeeds WorkorderNeeds 1.02.625 releaseDownload
WorkorderNeeds 1.02.620 release 16.72 KB Mar 15, 2015 6.1.0 280 download WorkorderNeeds WorkorderNeeds 1.02.620 releaseDownload
WorkorderNeeds 1.02.615 release 16.72 KB Mar 11, 2015 6.1.0 95 download WorkorderNeeds WorkorderNeeds 1.02.615 releaseDownload



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This add-on shows the total amount of the:
– Garrison Resources or Apexis Crystals
– Draenic Stones (for the Mine Workorder)
– Draenic Seeds (for the Herb Garden Workorder)
With the Garrisons Lumber Mill:
– Show the amount of Timber
– Auto Track and Untrack the Timber (when choiced)
With the Spirit Lodge (H)/Mage Tower:
(sins v2.01 b630)
– Show the amount of Ogre Waystones

  • The add-on and commands (except for /won info) are only available when the user has completed the quest:
    – Horde : Establish Your Garrison
    – Alliance : Establish Your Garrison
  • The Timber counter (see picture 4) will only available when you earn the spell Logging
  • The Ogre Waystone counter will only available when you earn the spell Runes of Power
  • The add-on hides the standard Garrison Resource counter.
  • The add-on frame will disappear when entering zone's outside Draenor, in Raids, Dungeons, Battlegrounds, and other Portal related instances

Switch Counter to view Garrison Resources or Shipyard Oil or Apexis Crystals (updated in 2.01.630) .
i though that it may be handy if the counter not only shows the garrison Resources but also the Shipyard Oil and Apexis Crystal Currency, so i made a switchable Counter. When you push ad the Garrison Resources Icon on top of the counter, it will switch to the view for Shipyard Oil/Apexis Crystal Currency. Click agian on it, and it will go back to Garrison Resources. Be aware, this setting will NOT going into the save settings, and works only when you ever earned Shipyard Oil and or Apexis Crystals.

The Add-on Commands: use /won or /workorderneeds with the following options :
Hide | Show : Makes the frame Hidden or Showed (when use Hide, the frame stays hidden)
Lock | Unlock : Makes the frame (un)Movable, Use this option to relocate the frame to YOUR locaation of show
Frame reset : Resets Location to last known position, before moved, logged out or reloaded
info : Gives version number and some information about the add-on
Status : Gives some status information

Moving the frame to a new position:
1: use /won unlock
2: Move the frame on the big numbers to a new position
3: to save the new location, Use WorkOrderNeeds Interface Menu button "Save Player Profile" or
use /reload or log out as normal

Friendly Request:
If you, as user of this add-on, see area's where the frame hides, while it should be showed, Then please report the location name, zone name (like "The Underpale, Nagrand") into the Comments, or make screen shots, where i can see the name. This is only when you don't have selected Show Alway's. Also, if the frame hides in Garrison area's/buildings, then report this also. Thanks to all

*Can be Showed while it not should be*:
.Allinace :
When in Stormshield's 'Town Hall' when options 'Show in Ashran Villages' is deselected (part of Garrison)
When in PvP Modus in Warspear in the building 'Auction House' if 'Show in Ashran Villages' is selected
When in PvP Modus in Stormshield in the building 'Auction House' if 'Show in Ashran Villages' is selected.
.With the upper shows, i can't do a thing about it, because of how blizzard handles the buildings in the Garrison area and in the Ashran Village's

Ogre Waystone, Draenic Seed, Draenic Stone and Timber Counters:
If you have more then 999 of the Ogre Waystones or Draenic Stones/Seeds/Timber, the counters will stick to 999

– Redo the explanation page, because i have add more to view….
– Finishing the interface information menu tab

Known Issues::
– sometimesr the frame can be hided in several places, Report please if you see this.
– it seams the Power Bar propotions in SOO is BIG when this addon is loaded, i will lookinto this. Ik more users experience this issue in whatever raid, quest or dungeon, please let me know by posting a comment or ticked on the site]

Known Places, Frame Hides:
– Outside Auchindoun raid / dungeon area, inner circle the frame hides when walking or fly over there. This is because Auchindoun is also a raid or dungeon, and i choice'd for hiding in raid or dungeons.
(Below places ad only on normal settings will fixed in next version)
– No reports yet

Note :
As this is my first add-on, i try to do my best as i can with editing this add-on. However if other Authors on this site have tips or hints to tackle some issues better (if the look ad my add-on codes), you are free to send me a massage through the massage system. Thanks in forward if you do, we are never to old to learn new things. 🙂


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