WoW WoW Auto-Responder [REBORN] addon Shadowlands/Burning Crusade Classic 2021
wow addon WoW Auto-Responder [REBORN]

WoW Auto-Responder [REBORN]

Game Version: 8.0.1 +24
Total Downloads: 852
Updated: Jun 27, 2018
Created: Mar 4, 2015
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Earlier Versions

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WoW Auto-Responder [REBORN] release 13.20 KB Jun 27, 2018 8.0.1 +24 539 download WoW Auto-Responder [REBORN] WoW Auto-Responder [REBORN] releaseDownload
WoW Auto Responder [REBORN] release 13.17 KB Mar 4, 2015 6.1.0 313 download WoW Auto-Responder [REBORN] WoW Auto Responder [REBORN] releaseDownload



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Original addon [OUTDATED]:

– very useful for sellers to create their specific sale response by defined keyword(s)

– free numbers of responds each with a status, keyword(s) and response
– free numbers of textlines for each response
– window for editing the responds
– you can include links to your tradeskills
– create itemlinks of bag items by dragging
– several options to control each respond

– if someone wants to redesign the window pls contact me i'm thankful for help
– also wanted help for french and korean localization

– How can i add new respond?
Type /ar or /autorespond to show the AutoRespond window. There you can create a new respond.

– Can i change the default content?
Yes, but you must edit the localization files for that. Search for the wanted string and edit it. But please remember this is on your own risk!

– I want to edit a specific respond, but i dont know how to do it.
Switch to the respond you want to edit with the choicebuton. Edit the respond as you want to.

– How can i insert a link to a tradeskill?
Open your tradeskill-window and select the tradeskill you want get linked to. Press the 'add link' button to insert the link to your response.

– How can i use the script-option?
If you want to start a script when getting a specific whisper, activate the option for script handling of these respond. Scripts must be lua-code! look at to get some infos about available functions.

– Is there an easy script to auto-invite people in my group?
Yes! Write the following in your response and activate the script-option:

– HowTo promote responses to channels?
Use the function Auto_Respond_PromoteToChannel(index,channel[,number]); in your makro.
– index is the index of the respond to promote, the respond must be active and no script!
– channel is the system to where to promote to, the following systems are available

"GUILD" – promote to guildchannel
"PARTY" – promote to partychannel
"SAY" – promote as say
"YELL" – promote as yell
"RAID" – promote to raidchannel
"CHANNEL" – promote to channel with the given number

– number is a optional parameter, only used with system "CHANNEL"! The number is the number of the channel you want to promote to(mostly 2 is the channelnumber for tradechannel).

Example in makro:
/script Auto_Respond_PromoteToChannel(1,"GUILD"); — this will promote the first respond to the guildchannel
/script Auto_Respond_PromoteToChannel(1,"CHANNEL",2); — this will promote the first respond to the channel with number 2 (mostly tradechannel)

– How can i add an itemlink from an item in one of my bags?
Pickup the item by mouse and dragging it to the 'link' button of AutoRespond. There you just click on the button and it will create a link to the item automatically

/ar or /autorespond : shows the AutoRespond window


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