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Game Version: 1.13.5
Total Downloads: 125
Updated: Jul 17, 2020
Created: Jul 12, 2020
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A very simple, lightweight addon for Classic WoW.


When active, it records:

– XP gains from kills

– XP gains from quests

– level-up times and levels

– login times

– logout times

(The data persists through sessions)


It allows you to export the recorded data in CSV format, so you can analyse it and do whatever you like with it.


To see all available commands, type /xpLogger in-game.


Feel free to report bugs and suggestions.



Explaining the data:

Timestamp: The time passed since 01/01/1970 in seconds.

Type: A category that roughly describes the occured event such as Kill, Quest or level up.

Info: Describes the occured event more precisely. For kills it tells the mob's name that was killed, for quests it tells the ID of the quest that was turned in, etc.

Xp_Gain: If the event resulted in a gain of experience points, it tells you the amount. Otherwise it is 0.


The fields are seperated by semicolons. So when inserting it into MS Excel or something alike, choose semicolon as delimiter.


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