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Aurora Borealis

Game Version: 1.13.4
Total Downloads: 97
Updated: May 30, 2020
Created: May 5, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
aurora-addon 0.5.0 release 4.37 KB May 30, 2020 1.13.4 35 download Aurora Borealis aurora-addon 0.5.0 releaseDownload
aurora-addon 0.4.2 release 4.03 KB May 28, 2020 1.13.4 25 download Aurora Borealis aurora-addon 0.4.2 releaseDownload
aurora-addon 0.4.1 release 3.93 KB May 10, 2020 1.13.4 33 download Aurora Borealis aurora-addon 0.4.1 releaseDownload
aurora-addon 0.4.0 release 3.55 KB May 10, 2020 1.13.4 4 download Aurora Borealis aurora-addon 0.4.0 releaseDownload


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Aurora Borealis

This addon gives additional functionalities for members of Aurora Borealis.
Items that have a priority entry will have it added to their tooltip.

You can addionally use the following commands:
– To check/post the priority on a single item: /abp [item] [channel]
– item: link the item, shift-click to link it
– channel: can be a number or a channel name:
– To check/post the priority of the items in your currently opened loot window: /abl [channel]
– channel: can be a number or a channel name:
– To distribute loot via rolling you can use \abr [prio] [item], the priority will be sent using a raid warning
– prio (optional): leave blank to set prio to MS+1. os will set prio to offspec, a number 1-n will print the n-th priority you see in the tooltip.
– item: link the item, shift-click to link it


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