WoW AzerPUG Instance Utility addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023
wow addon AzerPUG Instance Utility

AzerPUG Instance Utility

Game Version: 8.3.0
Total Downloads: 0
Updated: Aug 12, 2020
Created: Aug 10, 2020
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Earlier Versions

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AzerPUG Instance Utility v0.1 release 344.63 KB Aug 12, 2020 8.3.0 0 download AzerPUG Instance Utility AzerPUG Instance Utility v0.1 releaseDownload


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This project is in it very early stages. We even do not have a logo yet, but since we were forced to upload something we went with something used by our community.
Within the next few weeks, description, logo, and a lot more features will be added, until then, our community will be testing what we got so far.


Current functionality:

Dynamic and interactive raid checklist. Within the options panel you can add the flasks, food, runes and pots you want to check for.
When the check is run it will tell you how much of these you have with you. Making it easy to do a quick-check before a raid or M+ without having to go through your bags.


Updates to be added, soon™:

Functionality for scrolls, tomes, drums, repair hammers, bonus loot tokens, enchants, gems, garrison buffs, durability, corruptions, iLevel, Neck Level, and even how much you (averagely) need within a certain time frame, including support for alchemists.


Later (some during PrePatch) to be added:

Interrupt rotation (dynamic between other interrupters and a preset order).
Innervate helper (dynamic between healers and druids).
Misdirect helper (dynamic between tanks and rogues/hunters).
Option for a reminder to flask/food/rune/scroll/buff on readychecks.
Option for a reminder to use a potion on pulltimers.


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