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Game Version: 8.1.0
Total Downloads: 87
Updated: Jan 1, 2019
Created: Dec 31, 2018
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A  place holder macro replacement system inspired by MuchMoreMuch by lokyst

built in placeholders 

<sf>        — stat food
<nf>        — non stat food
<d>         – drink
<b>         – bandage
<hp>       – health potion
<mp>      — mana potion
<alc>       – alcohol
<cus>      — custom
<port1>  — portal/hearth
<port2>  — portal/hearth
<itm>      — general item


Chat Frame commands /bfl or /bestfoodlite

resetglobals                              — resets BFLGlobalSettings to defaults

resetlocals                                 – resets BFLLocalSettings to defaults

setmacrobody [key] [body]    — set a macro text, #showtooltip will automatically be included

setmacroname [key] [name]  — sets the name used by ingame macro system,internally identified  by key

setph [<ph>] [value]                 – sets place holder ph individually per character

showmacro [key]                      — shows the macro identified by key as stored in the addon stored globally

showmacronames                    –shows all macro keys and names

showplaceholders                     – shows all place holders for current character

update, updates all macros     – updates ingame macros associated with addon, note all set commands automatically call update

usage, command list                — a list of commands



macro:: /use [mod:shift]<sf>;<nf>    Use normal food except when shift key is depressed

in chat frame

name of macro Example

setup initial: /bfl setmacroname example Example

/bfl setmacrobody example /use [mod:shift]<sf>;<nf>


Food items: "Herb Baked Egg" (item 6888) and "Spice Bread" (item 30186)

setup per char: /bfl setph <nf> Spice Bread

/bfl setph <sf> Herb Baked Egg

*note shift click on items in bag

result macro in macro editor:


/use [mod:shift]item:6888;item30816

if typing in names of items instead of using item links


/use [mod:shift]Herb Baked Egg;Spice Bread


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