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Game Version: 2.5.1
Total Downloads: 0
Updated: Jul 13, 2021
Created: Jul 13, 2021
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Earlier Versions

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Bohemka DKP aims to provide improved guild frame functionality including:

  • new sortable DKP column in member list
  • edit mode allowing to modify DKP of multiple members
  • realtime info about members professions and their specialization or skill
  • custom minimalistic blizzlike auction window with simple controls
  • automatic DKP rewards for NPC kill
  • manual option to award DKP to the raid
  • ElvUI compatibility with added styles
  • data import from CommunityDKP CSV export

Upcoming features:

  • Bench integrated in Raid Frame
  • Counter of time spent on raids
  • Silent mode
  • Guild Log

Brought to you by Elerae-Golemagg. Thanks to everyone from <Bohemian Lions> for inspiration and help with testing. You can support development of this project via PayPal or with gold directly in-game on Golemagg (EU). 


How it works

BohemkaDKP uses Public Note column as a storage for DKP data. Officer Note takes its place and behaves like usual Public Note.

  • Public Note will be overwritten on first load for all members!
  • Officer Note will be overwritten on first load for all members!
  • All data from Public Note will be transfered to Officer Note! (Make sure you have correct permissions before you enable this addon)

In order to make addon function as intended you have to setup correct guild permissions:

  • Disable Edit Public Note for usual members
  • Enable Edit Public Note for members that you want to allow to manage DKP of all members
  • Enable Edit Officer Note for all members if you want to give them option to fill in their note


  • Start auction by holding ALT and clicking item in both loot window or bags. Auction will start in Raid, Party or Guild chat based on current state of your character.
  • Award item by selecting bidder and clicking the button. You can hold SHIFT to start countdown before auction ends.


Improved guild frame

Allows you to sort all members by DKP value

Togglable columns with professions and DKP

Information about spec and skill points of others


Auction frame & auction host window

Pass removes player from list of bidders. Cannot be used by highest bidder.

Bid increases current price by given value (has 1 sec shared CD). Cannot be used by highest bidder or when passed.

Auction owner window – visible only by owner of auction

Cancel ends auction without any winner or stops award countdown

Award ends auction immediately with a winner selected in the table. Hold SHIFT to start countdown before it is ended.


Improved detail frame

You can see professions of each member that has this addon installed too. With edit permissions you can modify member’s DKP by clicking on the value or by using two buttons right next to it.


Guild list with Edit mode

It is possible to modify DKP of multiple members by switching to Edit mode. There is toggle button in right bottom corner.




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