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Game Version: 3.4.0
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Updated: Oct 14, 2022
Created: Oct 14, 2022
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This is a fix for CommunityDKP to work in Wrath of the Lich King Classic which is no longer officially supported. I am not the original author of the addon and will not be able to provide any support.


Original description from CommunityDKP-BCC:



CommunityDKP is the leading DKP Management Tool supporting a number of different loot rules including ZeroSum, Roll-Based Bidding, Minimum Value Bidding, and Static Value Bidding.



CommunityDKP Discord Server:


General Features Include:

    – Multi-Guild, Multi-Team DKP Tables allowing for management of multiple different types of DKP Tables.
    – DKP Table entries provide a tooltip showing the players recently spent and earned DKP  
    – Filter the DKP table by certain classes or show only those in your party/raid. Table columns can also be sorted by Player, Class or DKP
    – Loot History. What item was won, by whom, from what boss/zone, and how much they spent on it and can be filtered by player or item
    – DKP History. Comprehensive list of all players that received (or lost) dkp for each event.
    – Loot Pricing. Shows pricing on loot (a static price or last bid) as well as counts the number of times an item has been disenchanted.
    – Disenchant Functionality. It provides a button to track disenchants off the Bid Window.
    – Bid Timer displaying what is currently up for bid as well as the minimum bid price.
    – Raid Timer. Allowing for automatic distribution of DKP points over a set interval of time as the raid progresses.
Officer Only Features:
   – Bid window (opened by SHIFT+ALT clicking an item in the loot window or by typing /dkp bid [item link]) that starts bidding, collects all bids submitted and awards the item. NOTE: Shift+Alt clicking an item only works if the item is in one of the first 4 slots of the loot window due to restrictions at the moment. If the item you wish to bid on isn’t on the first page, either loot all items on that first page, close, and reopen the window. Or simply use /dkp bid [item link] .
   – Adjust DKP tab (awarding DKP). Also includes a DKP Decay option that reduces all entries by X% (default set in options or change on the fly in the Adjust DKP tab)   
   – Award Item Window (awards an item to a play, but also allows an officer to set the min price on an item)
   – Manage Tab. Used to broadcast complete tables to everyone in the guild if required as well as add/remove player entries.  
   – Shift+Click entries in the table to select multiple players to modify.  
   – Right click context menu in Loot History to reassign items (if minds are changed after awarding) which will subsequently give the DKP cost back to the initial owner and charge it to the new recipient  
   – Boss Kill Bonus auto selects the last killed boss/zone  
   – Options window has additional fields to set bonus defaults (On time bonus, boss kill bonus etc)
Guild Leader Only Features:
   – Whitelist Settings: Setting an Officer Whitelist to specific people instead of all guild officers to manage DKP.
   – Team Management: Ability to create and rename teams that officers can then manage DKP for.

CommunityDKP is a community-driven collaboration born from the original MonolithDKP. It has also been completely overhauled and changed to support multiple teams, guilds, characters, and accounts. 

Forked from: which was forked from which was forked from


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