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Game Version: 2.5.2
Total Downloads: 165
Updated: Oct 27, 2021
Created: Sep 2, 2021
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DISCLAIMER: This Addon is pure profanity


Ever wondered what warlocks really mutter when they afflict their victims with their curses? Well, it’s a lot of profanity, truth to be told, they curse like a sailor.

This addon adds the /cs command, which will let your character say not so nice things to enemy targets (if a friendly or nothing is targeted, it’ll be silent).


How to use?

1) Download the Addon, unzip it in the Interface\AddOns folder (or let helper software like the Curse Client do it for you)
2) Login to your character. Feel fresh and happy and in the mood for some profanity.
3) Target some hostile and type in the command /cs 

4) Nothing happened? That $%! addon didn’t work? Such a crap work! No, it’s a safeguard, you have to activate profanity once using the /cson command. Your chat should tell you that you’re now officially a potty mouthed WoW player. Try again with targetting a hostile and using /cs.

5) You don’t want to type in commands yourself? Welcome to the world of macros, my friend! Here’s one example:

/cast Curse of Doom


in v1.002 a range check option was added, to use it, simply append the spell name to the command. Here’s one example:

/cast Curse of Doom
/cs Curse of Doom

Of course you can use any other Spell from your spellbook. Different curses or even taunts, if you want to be a potty mouthed warrior who is sick of spewing just “Yo momma” jokes at mobs to get them back.


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q: Why such an addon? Can’t you use a macro?
A: Macros have a 255 character limit and I didn’t want always only one line of profanity. It started out as a macro but became so much more.

Q: But I need to use a macro anyway, that thing’s useless!
A: If you say so. I for myself think it’s flexible to be used in multiple situation with multiple characters. You are free to use anything else you want to spew profanity.

Q: My raid lead doesn’t want me to say all that stuff!
A: Turn it off during the raid. Simply write /csoff in the chat and CurseSailor will shut its trap until you turn it on again with /cson. On/Off state will be saved during sessions, so you don’t need to do this every time you login/logout.

Q: Why the local channel? Why in /say?
A: It started out as a warlock macro, imagining what that warlock is muttering while casting curses on the enemy. /say fits local muttering best and doesn’t affect too many people, /yell would be zone-wide and not a good choice.

Q: Can’t you do all that in WeakAuras?
A: Maybe. Don’t know WA good enough to do this and I would miss the flexibility to use it whereever and whenever I want, not just with spells/casts being triggered in the WA.

Q: Sometimes the characters in the speech bubble are garbled, can’t you program correctly?
A: All profanity lines are saved as utf-8 characters. There seems to be a local encoding problem within the WoW client to display correct characters depending on your zone. Outland outside zones work usually, in dungeons you might get some blocky displays of greek/cyrillic/special characters within the chat bubble. The line appearing in the chat itself should be 100% all the time.


Q: Where did you get all these insults/profanities?
A: German and english profanities I wrote myself, for norsk, swedish, french, polish, greek, italian, spanish, portuguese, … I had help from my guildmates. It’s funny what a question “Can you please write some nasty insults / swears in your language?” gives in response 🙂
I also tried to filter out profanities regarding bodily disfunctions, race, religion and such.

Q: Can I add my own insults?
A: Not at the moment. But you are free to contact me with the insult you want. I just need the insult in your language plus a rough translation to english. But please nothing along the lines religion, race, body, sexual orientation.


Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me in game: EU-Nethergarde Keep, Philokrates.


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