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99 Bottles of Beer

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Updated: Jan 1, 1970
Created: Jan 3, 2013
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This addon, 99 bottles of beer, outputs the song "99 Bottles of Beer" via SendChatMessage, to specified channel (GUILD by default). It is intended primarily for role playing, song singing around bonfires, or when waiting a long time in pug queues for a replacement tank/healer, or any time you are bored. A neat feature of this addon is that while it does the counting it uses the text version of the numbers, instead of the numbers itself. Another nice thing is you can set the number of beers, the time between them, and where they are served. The addon also allows you to stop and start the song whenever you like.

cmd line is /bob cmd arg
cmd = run start the song
cmd = stop stop the song
cmd = current number of beers arg = (1 – 99) (99 default)(optional)
cmd = delay number of seconds between drinks arg = (1 – 100)(10 default)(optional)
cmd = chan output channel in SendChatMessage format (default is "GUILD")


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