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Game Version: 3.1.0
Total Downloads: 405
Updated: May 9, 2009
Created: May 9, 2009
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Kwoot is a small but configurable AddOn to randomly display quotes to the specified channel, timed or triggered.


  • /kwoot channel [newValue] : get or set the quoting channel
  • /kwoot odds [newValue] : get or set the odds of quoting
  • /kwoot list : lists all quotes you have set
  • /kwoot add quote : adds a new quote to the list
  • /kwoot delete quote number : deletes the quote (number from list)
  • /kwoot trigger [trigger] : get or set the trigger string (set to 'none' for timed)
  • /kwoot version : check which version of the AddOn you have


By default, the channel is SAY.

Channels you can choose from are the following: SAY, EMOTE, YELL, PARTY, GUILD, OFFICER, RAID, RAID_WARNING, BATTLEGROUND, AFK, DND


By default, the odds are 60.

Timed mode

The odds you specify are checked every 10 seconds. This must be a real number higher than or equal to 1. The estimated procs per minute is determined using ((1/odds) * 6). This means that setting it to 1 will show a quote once every 10 seconds, setting it to 6 means once a minute and 60 means once every 10 minutes.

Triggered mode

Simple 1-100 percentage of proccing on a spell that contains the trigger word. This must be a real number higher than or equal to 1, anything above the 100 will be considered 100. Set it to 50 means that statistically one out of two will proc a quote.


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