WoW Custom Macro Helper addon Dragonflight/Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2024
wow addon Custom Macro Helper

Custom Macro Helper

Game Version: 9.1.5
Total Downloads: 197
Updated: Nov 18, 2021
Created: Nov 18, 2021
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To use this addon u need 3 free general macro slots


What it does?

Allows you to use just 2 macros for covenant abilities and 1 for misdirects (rogue/hunter) with auto tank choice

Macros will be named CMH_CovSign, CMH_CovClass, CMH_MD


  • Allows you to manually set prefix, mod, postfix – addintional conditions to final macro: 

    #showtooltip spellName
    /cast mod spellName

    Command to do this:

    /cmh update spellID type value

    Possible types are mod,prefix,postfix, if you want to clear string just leave value empty
    Work with strings like “/cast spell:328321” automatically replace it with localized spellname, will work well if you play different languages
    For example if you want to use Salvaged Fusion Amplifier + Symbols of Death before Flagellation on ventyr rogue u should use following command:
    /cmh update 323654 prefix /cast spell:212283%n/cast item:186432
    Where %n will be replaced to “new line” symbol

    • some default settings examples
      kyrian signature ability uses mod = “[nomod:alt]item:177278;” – Trying to use phial if no alt pressed, summons steward otherwise
      ventyr signature mod = “[mod:lshift][@cursor]” – using ventyr tp on cursor if no shift pressed with no need to ckick on the ground, usual way otherwise
      Night Fae prist ability – prefix = “/target [@mouseover,exists]” postfix = “/targetlasttarget [@mouseover,exists]” which allows you to use it on mouseover, simple @mouseover doesnt work with it
      Necrolord rogue ability – simple mod = “[@mouseover,exists,harm][]” – cast on mouseover, if it exists and harm – on current target otherwise
    • Missdirect with auto tank detection – default priority mouseover -> focus -> tank -> pet(hunter) -> target 




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